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domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2012

#Mayan civilization: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" #CarlSagan


"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" Carl Sagan

Old Kingdom: covers the 500a.C. 600 A.D.
New Empire: covers the 600d.C. until the Spanish invasion.

The intriguing Mayan civilization hides indecipherable mysteries.

What is the origin and source of knowledge of the Maya?

Simple daily observation, without appropriate tools?

The Mayans, sultry nights and cloudy in Central America, two thousand years ago, knew all about the "Precession of the Equinoxes," in cycles of 26,000 years?

What was the source that allowed them todiscover such secrets, including cycles of 5,000 years of Earth's axis tilt?

Long before we knew what we still do not know,despite all our technological arsenal?

Developed a sophisticated calendar of the lunar year?

Developed a sophisticated and accurate solar calendar of the year?

The Mayans already knew the theory of "hyper-dimensional physics" and "torsion field physics"?

The Maya knew and researched possible consequences of the solar system alignment with the "dark rift of the Milky Way"?

The Maya worked with the hypothesis of the elimination of Earth's magnetic field and reversing the rotation?

The Maya envisaged the possibility of a "Polarturn"?

The Mayan civilization were survivors of Atlantistold by Plato, and ignored by Google Maps?

We have no answers and no speculation on21/12/2012, but an intriguing and challengingquestion is whether the origin of knowledge of the Maya:

Determined the movements of Venus and Jupiter?

Lunar and solar eclipse?

Seasons of the year?

Calendars agricultural fantastic?

They built their temples based on astronomical knowledge?

They had no astronomical instruments, calculating machines, engineering equipments, or any other sophisticated mechanism?

Created a sophisticated system of writing, still not deciphered until today.

They built great palaces and temples in and topography heights unattainable.

The math was too advanced for its time, location and isolation.

Impossible to describe, in an article, all the achievements of Maya civilization, destroyed by the stupidity of a Spanish pirate, protected by the King of Spain, who dominated a Europe, which fed on the blood of the natives.

However, some aspects relevant highly intriguing:

The isolation of them, in geographically inhospitable, theoretically uninhabitable ...

They had no telescopes, machines, calculators, computers, but knew how to make fantastic astronomical calculations?

All this knowledge acquired without electricity, on dark nights, overcast skies, high mountains, a tropical region of many clouds, too much rain, heavy smothering, where astronomical observation is almost impossible, and no electronic equipment?

Before the Bible?

Before the compass?

Before Jules Verne?

Before Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clarke?

Before Descartes and Newton?

Before Da Vinci and Galileo?
Before Copernicus?

Before Einstein?

Before to NASA?

Before the call?

Before the industrial revolution?

Before the invention of adding machines?

Before the invention of the telescope lenses?

Before the maps?

Before the plane?

Before the TV?

Before computers?

Before the pencil?

Before the books?

Europe, the cradle of human civilization, steeped in "Dark Ages" (burning the "demons" in the fires of the "Holy Inquisition), and the Mayans discovering and uncovering the secrets of the universe, the Milky Way, the movement of the Astros, building palaces, temples, mathematics, engineering, urban planning, architecture, medicine, alphabets, all dark nights in the mountains of an unknown continent?

I'm afraid of easy answers and simplistic.

The Mayan civilization hides secrets that recalls the words of Carl Sagan: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known"

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