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terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

Silence: The Earth is talking!

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Without doing research, using only the memory and the news of recent days!

Just be quiet ... and re-hear!

No need to display numbers and graphs to listen to Mother Nature.

The Mayans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, the Hebrews, the ancient indigenous peoples, the Assyrians, all ancient civilizations have known before we hear the cries and interpret the sacred gods of Mother Nature.

Even animals, forests, waters, minerals, everyone knows to listen to Nature, only we humans who are unlearned, or do not have time.

Someone can silence the men to stop talking and typing, and hear what nature is screaming!

01) - Heat Wave and never seen in Russia. dozens of deaths, epidemics, food shortages;

02) - Floods have never seen in Afghanistan, hundreds of fatalities, anger, other diseases, food shortages, violence and social disruption;

03) - devastating earthquake in Haiti, which destroyed the entire nation, causing the bankruptcy of the country;

04) - Landslides on the slopes, causing loss of life and social disruption;

05) - Oxidation of the oceans, destroying all the marine biodiversity in the region, and contamination of other areas;

06) - Cool never seen in Peru, killing dozens of people;

07) - Earthquakes more frequent and more intense in regions never before encountered;

08) - Hurricanes and tornadoes in areas never before observed, that are occurring in Southern Brazil;

09) - Frost and Hail and intensities in regions never before recorded, causing death and squares in dry crops in the other extreme;

10) - Disorientation magnetic birds penguins, whales, turtles, dolphins and other species;

11) - Drought or excessive rainfall, causing drop in crop yields of food crops needed, causing famine and rising prices;

12) - Pollution of the air we breathe, which leads to unknown diseases and the aggravation of the already known;

13) Elevation sea level, causing untold financial losses;

14) The earthquake in Chile led to a deep crack in the crotra land, which will generate another of greater magnitude in the near future;

15) The two earthquakes, Haiti and Chile, caused changes in the Earth's magnetic axis, which give rise to other disasters still unknown;

16) - Hunger, homelessness, low paid jobs, uncontrolled population growth, combined, are phenomena that cause wars, urban violence, social conflict, lack of medicines, and failure of desustruturação ógãos public and the ability to meet major disasters.

17) the cries of Mother Nature, if not heard, interpreted and treated in time, will cause the extinction of all living species, especially our species, technologically dependent.

It's time to silence the drums of war, stop a little fun and come back and look at all our attention to warnings that Mother Nature is sending.

We must go back in time: to look and interpret the sun with their bursts of neutrinos; bring offerings to the moon, not to go farther from the earth, revere the oceans and rivers; worship trees; sacralize animals.

The human species needs very little to live and be happy: food, water, health and social peace!

Let's listen to Nature and what she tells us!

Brazil, Curitiba, August 3, 2010 - 10h: 40