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sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2012

2.100: (Countdown) Missing 30.535 days


Lack 30.535 days ...

Earth Day, aims to draw attention, raise awareness, educate, mobilize and take preventive measures and effective, overall, in the face of predictions of major environmental disasters, which happen until 2100, according to the prediction of climate experts.

To promote and accelerate the process of awareness, mobilization and early preventive actions, we are inaugurating "The clock of climate change."

Lack 88 years to 2100, the final date by scientists.

88 years, multiplied by 365 days equals 30.535 days.

88 years is nothing, considering that the "civilized man" is 10,000 years old.

Five thousand years ago learned to read and write.

The beginning of the trunk of our species have genetic 50,000 years.

If scientists' predictions are correct, and there are reasons to calculate the maximum of 2050 in the next 10 years will have passed the point of no turning back

21 de junho de 2006

You must act fast, effective action starting now, today.

Thousands of people died as a result of floods in Pakistan.

Thousands of people died in the earthquake in Haiti.

Thousands of people died following the earthquake in Japan, Tsunami, and the explosion of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Floods in Asia, Europe, Africa, Central America and South America

Waves of intense cold in North America.

Intense cold wave in Europe.

Urban landslides, pollution, melting glaciers, earthquakes, devastating hurricanes, floods, volcanoes, severe heat waves, severe droughts, breach of the grain harvest, water shortages, rising sea level, high concentrations of CO2 and gas methane in the atmosphere, oxidation of the oceans, massive deaths of several species, destruction of forests, soil sealing urban, high food prices, water shortages, all these events are connected and interacting with global warming.

From East to West, from North to South, there is evidence, irrefutable evidence of climatic and geological changes irreversible, and for which we are not prepared.

It is urgent that an effective global action.

Arguably, the current cold wave in Europe is a result of melting glaciers.

There is urgency in effecting efficient measures:

The first step is to admit the link between the geological and climatic phenomena.

The second step is to invest in monitoring and forecasting of extreme events.

The third step is not afraid to issue warnings.

It is better to err by issuing a warning not materialize, than to err in not notifying an event that can happen.

A typical example is the trial of Italian geologists, who have not delivered an earthquake warning, and are being tried by Italian courts.

The fourth step is the creation of efficient systems of communication with the target population.

The fifth step to be implemented is the creation of "crisis committees" regionally.

Another step is the "climate issues" into the agenda and competence of the UN Security Council.

With this objective, inciamos, starting today, a countdown to 2100, with the onset of action is today, now, while there is still time to prevent the disastrous consequences of future

There is still a timely manner?

30.535 days is enough to save our species?

If you act now, immediately, we believe so.

We must stop talking, writing, whining, criticism or doubt. It is the critical point for the onset of action.

It's now or never.

It's what we credit, and are working to stop the words, and actions are initiated.

Earth Day
Brazil, Curitiba, February 18, 2012 - 00h: 26
Lack 30.535 days