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segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

#Environment: It pays to invest in #Brazil?


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We believe so for several reasons:

Brazilian rivers are all polluted, but there are still rivers in Brazil, with plenty of water, even polluted ...

The Brazilian forests are being destroyed, but there are still many trees in Brazil can and should be preserved ...

The Brazilian people like and love farming, soil cultivation, and the Brazilian Government to conduct a genuine agrarian reform, Brazil is rich in family farming.

If the financial resources invested in the Carnival, World Cup, and Corruption, were made in the environment, Brazil, the natural resources it possesses, it would be an island of prosperity in the global context.

The geography, geology, topography of Brazil, is privileged and protected from natural disasters of major proportions.

The Brazilian soil is depleted and exhausted, but there vastíssimas areas that can be recovered with proper treatment.

The wealth of wildlife, the biodiversity and ecosystems, can still be protected, despite all the invasive practices.

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions, allowing the relocation of different crops in remote areas throughout the year.

Brazil has a temperate climate and mild, stable, with no great extremes, compared with other countries.

Brazil needs to receive investments in financial resources capable of preserving the environment, making it self-sustaining, and exporter of food and water, which is already lacking in many regions of the world.

Brazil is the natural shelter of future global environmental disasters.

It has vast cultivable areas, accessible by land and river, protected by the topography, which deserves to attract the interest of investors, who want to bet on the importance of environmental preservation for the future of our species.

Future wars will be in search of water and food.

The number of habitable caves is large enough to protect hundreds of people with self-sustainable agriculture, and the existence of natural sources of drinking water.

Despite the government corrupt and unscrupulous in dealing with the population, Brazil, politically, is not divided, nor faces serious ethnic conflicts, racial, geographic, or cultural, and Brazilian abhors all kinds of terrorism.

The great and terrible problem in Brazil is administrative immorality in the public sector, by public men, who waste public money down the drain of corruption. But the ultimate responsibility is the people themselves, who in indolence and passivity, not react, does not, and does not punish misconduct.

But even before this disastrous administrative reality, nothing prevents productive investments are made in environmental preservation.

Brazil has no nuclear ambitions or imperialist.

The Brazilian, in a cultural nature, formatted in the cultural hotbed ethnic overall temperament is accessible and hospitable attitudes, facilitating cultural exchange.

Pays to invest in information, awareness, education, and mobilizing national of a country that has a high potential for environmental preservation, within the global context, and that is being wasted due to lack of investors' worldview.

Especially in rural areas of great agricultural potential, recently abandoned and undervalued, due to misguided government policies, it is easy and low cost finance, acquire land.

Brazil: It pays to invest in the environment!

Dia da Terra - Earth Day
Brazil, Curitiba, February 20, 2012 - 09h: 55

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