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segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2012

It is time for a new "paradigm"...

Herodotus - Ancient Greece

Since the most ancient civilizations, experts have documented past events.

Analysis of processes and events in the past.

This paradigm has been established since Herodotus, the fifth century BC, one of the first historians, whose work has survived to the present time.

Research has focused on what happened in the "past".

The current paradigm today formulated a scheme "Ancient History" - Medium - Modern and Contemporary.

Once divided into sections of time, there is a geographic subdivision: Continents, Countries, Regions, and, finally, issues of specific interest.

Translation: all human knowledge is, and always has been built based on the research of past events.

This is the current paradigm: Studying, researching, learning, analyzing, "looking back", front-to-back "

The most recent significant developments that modernity and contemporaneity know, with wealth of detail and accurate information, not exceeding the last three thousand years.

This paradigm was removed and passed before a new reality, which demands a new paradigm, to look at human history to the contrary, ie, research, study, analyze, plan, and prevent the future.

The phenomena arising from extreme climatic changes on Earth, require looking ahead, not behind.

Climate change and the consequent global warming, widely documented, before the recent environmental disasters, global coverage, call the "new paradigm": the Future Study.

We are faced with a vital question: What is the future of our species over the next 100 years?

It became irrelevant what happened in the past, we face at this juncture, faced with the possibility of no "tomorrow".

This is the greatest challenge of our time, anticipate the future of our species, for the next 100 years.

Only Interesa know what happened in the past in that it provides valuable information to project what might happen in the next 100 years

This is the most urgent, is the top priority.

Studies, calculations, financial investments, possible and impossible, to gather the brightest minds, all the wise men call, connect all research institutions, developing the calculations, plan and anticipate climatic and geological events of the next 100 years.

If the premise that radical changes are happening, we will ensure the survival of our species, and all others. Should not happen, we will only have to gain, with better quality of life that the next generation will enjoy.

And we do not have time over, exhausted the necessary time to prevent changes, we can only minimize and prevent survival.

Angels and demons are telling you: Heaven is closer to Hell than we imagine.


Earth Day
Curitiba Brazil, February 27, 2012 - 22h: 12