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quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

The "Importance of Censorship" - "Libertas Quæ Sera Tamen"

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"Libertas Quæ Sera Tamen"
Tiradentes - Minas Conspiracy - Brazil - Minas Gerais

Announcement, our readers, the return of His Majesty: "Censorship!"

Censorship is the twin sister of Slavery and Submission.

Censorship is the first symptom that a state is decaying.

Censorship is the first sign that an empire is ruined.

Censorship is strong evidence that immorality is being legalized.

Censorship rebirth of knowledge over a thousand years in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Censorship did not give voice to Galileo.

Censorship silenced Copernicus.

Censorship gagged Darwin.

Censorship killed Socrates.

Censorship fed and strengthened Stalin.

Censorship has created and given super powers to Nazism and Fascism.

Censorship had burned the Library of Alexandria.

Censorship encobertou the greatest crimes in human history.

Censorship demonized Science.

Censorship is the protective hand of corrupt rulers.

Censorship survives in the darkness of ignorance, ignorance and fear.

Censorship is the vampire who drinks the blood of the wayward lovers of freedom.

Censorship is the deadly weapon used by inefficient and incapable rulers.

Censorship wears the cloak of legality legal to kill in the shadows of the Totalitarian State, Human Rights.

What would be the bloodthirsty dictators, if there were Censorship Official, the State, under the guise of legality?

Censorship protects the interests of the minority against the interests of the majority.

Censorship hides colonialism political, economic, cultural ...

Censorship promotes and protects corporatism immoral ...

Censorship guarantees minority rights totalitarian ...

Censorship is the blanket of crimes against humanity ...

Censorship is the trunk, where are kept the secrets of the brutal totalitarianism, against defenseless victims.

Censorship is the veil that hides the war crimes.

Fear of sanctions imposed by censorship, assures the impunity of the criminals, who do atrocities against humanity ...

Censorship is the umbrella of the diversion of public funds.

Censorship hates and persecutes, even eliminate, all independent sources of information as they denounce the crimes of censorship tries to hide.

Censorship is the protective shield, which guarantees the existence of protectorates, kissing the hands of the censors.

Censorship feeds the lies and hypocrisy of official, legal but immoral.

Censorship is the manufacturer of economic and social indicators masked and costumed.

Censorship is the enemy of the death of freedom, thought and expression ...

Censorship wears many masks, religious, economic, political, cultural, racial ...

Censorship is the mother of all myths segredadores and excluding social and economic human history ...

Censorship and disseminates ensures patrolling ideological and political goals with unspeakable ...

 Freedom! "Libertas Quæ Sera Tamen"

"Liberty, if belated" (Cry of War "Conspirators Mineiros" - Brazil - Minas Gerais State)

Earth Day
Curitiba Brazil, February 23, 2012 - 09h: 27