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quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2012

Santa Claus, are you still alive? 21/12/2012 or 12/12/2012? The decision is yours!

21/12/2012 or 12/12/2012?
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Dear Santa.

I sent several letters to your old address, in Lapland, but have not received responses.

There are several rumors of his death, I do not believe in that.

Some say that you died during the passage of the superstorm "Sandy" in the United States. Was taking care of poor children in New Jersey, and would have been dragged through the water, drowned.

I also heard rumors about his death in the Philippines during the Tornado "Bopha".

To someone suggested his death from hyperthermia during heavy snowfall in Europe.

Do not remember who reported his death during the earthquake in Guatemala ...

I know that his house was destroyed in the Arctic, the ice melted, and the flood caused by melting glaciers destroyed his home, so please send your new address, if still alive.

I prefer to believe that you are still alive, and I'm not giving credit to the various rumors I hear about his untimely death, despite his advanced age.

Santa, I have a wish list for this Christmas.

You know I never asked for anything throughout my life, but this year, 2012, I have a huge list of many applications, some easy, others difficult to meet.

If you can not answer the most difficult, I accept the easiest, any one of them is on your discretion.

The list is great because I never asked for anything, and this year, 2012, I did not receive what I received in previous years.

I'll start with the easier requests:

Convincing Humanity of not destroying forests ...

Convincing Humanity of not polluting the oceans ...

Convince mankind of the importance of preserving the environment ...

Convincing Humanity of the vital need to protect ecosystems, biodiversity, because we, humans, depend on environmental conservation to ensure the survival of our own species ...

Abusing their good will want to ask to end the genocide in Syria, and Corruption in Brazil.

You did not die, I know
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And speaking of Brazil, please also end up with urban violence, with the public administrative rascality, the bandalheira politicians and public administrators Brazilians.

Now I have a request super hard, but I trust in your ability and power to make impossible dreams ...

Make my last dream of life, to travel Brazil, making reports and documentaries about the environment in Brazil. You may be aware of my dream "I have a Dream!"

Finally, the application will now easier for everyone if you can not perform any of the orders:

Finish with the world on 12.21.2012, or still today, if this letter arrive on time, because considering that today is 12/12/2012, you can claim it lost the glasses, similar dates confused, and ends with the world today.

In their wait your reply and action, affectionately,

Merry Christmas
The eternal boy
Earth Day
Brazil, Curitiba, 12/12/2012, or 21/12/2012?