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domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Disco Voador - Sérgio Reis

Hopefully it is true,

That there is even flying saucer

What is an intelligent people,

To bring to us peace and love!

If good of humanity,

What happiness this intervention!

Here on earth just thinking about war

Kill the neighbor is our intention!


If God, who is Almighty,

Did this colossus suspended in the air,

Why can not created

The world departed from the land and sea?

There are people who do not believe,

Tape think are the deep mysteries:

Who has a son, may have more children

The Lord may also have other worlds!


The people of our planet

They give the impression that no longer have belief:

Instead of manufacturing drug,

To cure boredom and other diseases,

Invented weapons of hydrogen,

They use their genius making bomb

But do not forget that no matter how they grow,

Before God any giant falls!


Our world is a mirror

That always reflects reality:

Who reaps grape vines form

And who reaps plant rain storm.

At the time that Jesus lived,

He said one day and was not at random

That in this world where evil infests,

Everything that dies not pay for itself!