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quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

WORLD WAR IV: 2036 (#Brazil and #Haiti)

Do not be surprised with the title: "World War IV": 2036 (Brazil and Haiti)!

The civilized world will not end in 2012 but in 2036, with "World War IV", after the end of "World War III".

The earthquake that plagued Haiti is causing a wave of refugees towards Brazil, in search of better living conditions, because Haiti is shattered by the earthquake that destroyed that country, and there is no expectation for improvement.

The relatively small number of Haitian refugees seeking refuge in Brazil, but it is emblematic and significant that Brazil is imposing restrictions on the entry of Haitians.

A high proportion of foreigners in Brazil could cause several types of problems: economic, health, infrastructure, political, humanitarian, etc ...

The "World War III" has already started, and at any time, Israel will launch a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities ...

The "High-Israeli Military Command," has already planned the day and time of the attack, missing the end of the logistic preparation, but the action plans, including date and time, are already defined ...

The only way to avoid "World War III", is the remote possibility of withdrawal of Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The "World War IV" will take place in 2036, and will be the main cause of climate refugees, the borders of invading other countries in search of water, food, housing, safety, away from global warming, and the geological changes.

The "World War IV", has also started simultaneously with the beginning of the "III".

The sequence and intensity of earthquakes destroy large cities before 2029 in different regions of the world, not to mention that I prefer not to be accused of being alarmist and provocative collective panic.

Large earthquakes cause large waves of refugees in search of housing, water and food, to the example of what is happening right now with Haitians seeking refuge in Brazil.

The earthquakes cause giant tsunamis that ravage coastlines large, densely populated ...

Rising sea levels will be another phenomenon, with catastrophic consequences for the global economy, causing new waves of refugees ...

In 2029, the "Aphóphis" back into space after a rebound in the slot gravitational resonance, a region needs no more than 600 meters, which would cause a direct impact on 13 April 2036, but this deviation from the collision 2029 will bring about his return in 2036, en route from a frontal collision, and disaster is inevitable.

In late 2035, when NASA confirm the frontal collision course with Earth, widespread panic is inevitable, and millions of people with privileged financial conditions, seek refuge in areas that might offer some chance of survival.

Other millions of people without financial resources cause invasions, riots of all kinds, and heavily armed countries, winners of "World War III" will be obliged to reject and kill, because there is sufficient water and food to help the "Refugees from Climate ".

The Japanese islands have disappeared completely in the near future as a result of another major quake, which liquefactive what remains in the soil geological consistency of the islands.

Another strong earthquake destroyed the cities located on the "San Andreas fault."

The deep chasm in the New Zealand cause further deadly earthquakes ..

In Chile, the other deep geological rift will lead to new earthquakes that will cause new giant tsunamis.

The rise in sea levels will compromise the survival of all inhabitants in the coastal strips ...

Enter Super Volcanoes erupting, giving greater complexity to the already chaotic picture ...

Floods and landslides in all regions of the Earth ...

The large amount of methane in the atmosphere is the primary fuel to ignite the surviving forests will remain ...

The rotation of the earth will be destabilized, alternating with the Axis, ocean currents and winds unstable, high temperatures, causing tornadoes, hurricanes, preventing any agricultural activity.

Some regions of the Earth will be extremely desert, what will happen in the Amazon, while other regions will be dramatically flooded.

Many cities are invaded by ocean currents, and regions previously covered by the oceans, will be exposed.

The "World War IV" in 2036, will feature dramatic, wild, it will be an individual battle, for physical survival.

There will be fought by generals, or with sophisticated weapons, but is a hand-to-body tribal dispute in a small geographic area, supposedly safe.

The regular army, and conventional weapons will be destroyed by solar flares that will damage all the modern communication systems.

All electronic war machine will be neutralized due to solar flares, the lack of fuel, the inability to feed and medicate the conventional forces, isolated, isolated and without charge, will be a personal war of each survivor, in search of a cave to survive the consequences of the impending collision against Earth Aphophis already torn apart by geological and climatic changes.

"States" are crumbling, and can not offer assistance to its citizens, which in small tribes, seek, in any form or manner, to survive the chaos.

The Aphophis not be the cause, but it will be the factor triggering the outbreak of wild disputes, the remnants of precarious survival chances.

In 2036, the environmental disaster of major proportions, now denied by public authorities and the international scientific community committed to public funds, will produce a chaotic picture of social disorganization, with thousands of refugees wandering the Earth in search of protection, water, food, medicine, minimum security.

Big cities are sacked, and mobs human animalistic instinct for survival, fight to the death for possession of a cave.

Still not the end of the world, but surely will be the end of civilized mankind.

Share this article, while there is still a faint hope of reversing this gloomy picture and apocalyptic.

Store it safely, then to publish it because the author is no longer alive, but no one in the future, you can accuse our generation of "Do not tell me while you can."

The refugees from destroyed Haiti in search of protection in Brazil, but it is a prophecy of what may happen in the future, but we can change now, while there is time.

Brazil, Curitiba, January 25, 2012 - 18h: 22