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sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

War Climate

The fiercest of all battles has been waged silently, no noise, no sound, the guns are silent, the soldiers are invisible, causing great destruction, but the silence is deathly.

The "Mother of all Wars" is being waged between the "climatic optima", the "Climate Pessimists" and the "climate skeptics".

The three different positions are waging a bloody war silent, and none of the three parties involved in the carnage will win, lose all.

A terrible battle without winners.

Army of the Optimists:

The "optimists" have already lost this battle, assuming that "Everything will be fine," that the earth has always been like that ", that" nothing unusual is happening, "that all energy sources are self-renewable" without the aid of human action.

The "Optimistic" is blind, does not see the depletion of the Earth, is convinced that the very nature will invigorate, refresh, revive, all automatically, no matter how destructive they are human actions.

The sources of natural resources are inexhaustible, the Earth is eternal, the forests will never end, the rivers will always be there, and the fish will learn to survive, even in the polluted environment.

Die existing species, but new ones emerge.

Environment, ecosystems, biodiversity, all niches are automatically renewable for life and a new mass extinction of life is a delusion of the pessimists.

The "optimists" have lost this war because the "blind as those who will not see."

The placement of the "optimistic" is irresponsible, and omission of absolute indifference, for he need not do anything, the Earth does everything alone.

His weapons: No, no what to do or worry. The Earth is not subject to any danger or threat.

There are no enemies, all are friends, the earth is a perfect harmony, all perfectly synchronized and connected.

"God takes care of everything and everyone," and concern about aging, skin wrinkles, bad for the heart and is a very foolish affliction by environmental future of the Earth.

In short, this is the position of "Optimistic"

Army pessimistic:

The world will end in 2012, and all is lost.

Human action does not have the power to change anything, the earth is over, and there is nothing to do.

The pessimists assume the position of utter desolation, sorrow and lamentation, and are convinced that there is nothing else to do, time to preserve and protect the environment is over, and the only thing left to do is prepare for bury the dead, praying that he is one of the survivors.

Pessimists lost the war in advance, have given up the fight, in fact, no reason to fight because the man can not do anything to save the Earth.

Skeptics of the Army (or Cynics ???):

Cold, impersonal, just think of quick and easy profits, and for them, any concern for the environment is stupid, senseless, subject and minds of losers alternatives, out of focus.

Skeptics, are only interested in the economic world of big business, highly lucrative and profitable.

When someone dares to confront the skeptic, it resolves the issue with censorship or total crushing the opponent with economic weapons.

Cynics (or skeptical), assumed or camouflaged, are not indifferent, nor are silent, they are sincere, overt and combative, do not even believe in values ​​other than the money. Only in monetary wealth or treasure.

Industry and commerce are the engines that generate all the world's wealth, and the day that life on Earth is impossible as vehicles that have built, which will lead us to other planets.

Cynics do not admit the possibility of doubt, are consistent, and deaths from environmental disasters are necessary to maintain the population balance.

Cynics (Skeptics), look at climate change and geological, to environmental disasters and catastrophic consequences, considering everything as normal cycles of biological self-regulation, required by eliminating the weak, surplus and unnecessary.

Environmentalists are the snipers:

Acting alone, in a chaotic battlefield, have no weapons, unorganized, without leadership, lack financial resources and weapons.

They fight desperately to influence people, Economic Organizations, International Organizations, Media World, National and Regional desperate attempts to make effective action in order to care for and preserve the environment, but the action of environmentalists is insufficient, and in the general global indifference, can not educate, mobilize and to educate people about the need for permanent public policies for environmental preservation.


While this deadly battle is fought between unequal forces, the Earth is being destroyed, and with it the possibility of life of future generations.

The situation is serious on the battlefield.

Thousands of people are starving unprotected, lack of water, forests being destroyed, the release of deadly gases in the atmosphere we breathe, floods, landslides, earthquakes unprecedented in modern history, volcanic eruptions, sea level rise, mass death of several species, oxidation of the oceans, changes in the Earth's axis, Tornadoes, hurricanes, waves of extreme cold or heat, and no one realizes that these events are all related, because the Earth is a "living biological organism," and that their bodies interact similarly to all other organisms and biological tissues.

Planet Earth has become the main victim of our ignorance and irreversible genetic.

Our priorities are different, we do not have time or interest in thinking on Planet Earth.

The Earth does not give immediate profits, does not increase the bank account balance, so act preemptively to minimize environmental damage is irrelevant.

A war in which there will be no winners, everyone will lose, compromising the possibility of life of future generations.

Brazil, Curitiba, January 28, 2012 - 12h: 01