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terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2011

Why, "environment" is a matter of global security?

For more than two years, when no one has yet had the courage to say that the environment is a matter of global security, I have been writing through my blog: "Environment is a matter of global security."

All the intelligence services, government, public and private institutions, organized society, everyone must mobilize itself in addressing the climate and geological consequences in progress before the foreshadowing serious environmental disaster of major proportions, which can affect drastically, modern society, entirely dependent on modern technology, highly vulnerable, as evidenced in Japan

Because it can affect nuclear power plants, and it happened in Japan, a country well prepared, imagine what will happen when an earthquake occurs in a country unprepared for earthquakes and tsunamis, but that has nuclear power plants, and I quote the example of Brazil.

Brazil does not have any preparation for earthquakes, but it has nuclear power plants.Imagine an earthquake, in Angra dos Reis, with the precarious location of our nuclear power plant!

Angra dos Reis is at sea level, near the sea, built in an area of ​​difficult access, no evacuation areas, a dormant volcanic region, fearful of a close one of the most populated cities in Brazil, which is the city of "Rio de Janeiro."

The nuclear contamination occurs in the wind currents, directly affecting the neighboring countries, and spreading across the earth.

Grain production is another sensitive issue that can cause global consequences.

Oil refinery plants exploding, or leaking oil, is another matter of global security.

Earthquakes in the areas of storage silos for nuclear weapons.

Drastic sea level rise in large port cities of the world, another issue of global security.

Disappearance of countries and peoples located on islands, another problem of global security.

Uncontrollable environmental disasters caused financial crises in the affected countries, reflected in its economic partners, another issue of global security.

Lack of clean water ...

Unable to land communication ...

Lack of fuel ...

Diseases from environmental disasters can contaminate the whole planet ...

Lack of medicines, in cases of great public calamity, globally affect all nations ...

Health issues, public safety, lack of infrastructure, as occurred in Haiti, there are localized problems, but that cause global consequences.

I do not think there's still time to reverse the situation, I cite the example of two news today, released by Twitter, which clearly demonstrate that passed the point of return:

01 - @AP Waves of earthquakes detected at Iceland's Katla volcano; scientists watching out for eruption: –CJ

02 - Pics of Greenland glacier melt shocksexpert - via @TopicfireNews

In the event of the eruption of Katla volcano, and I suspect that scientists are not certain in his optimistic predictions, the modern world will be faced with a situation of chaos unknown air, just check what happened in 1893 when there was no global dependency planes, roads, and economic interdependencies.

The second story, about the accelerated melting of glaciers could raise sea levels, with catastrophic consequences in port facilities, affecting the transport of products globally, sea.

Not to mention the quality of air we breathe, food contamination, breakdown of communication networks, the ozone layer, opportunistic attacks of the situation, and countless other possibilities.

Anyway, the picture is disturbing, and seriously undermines global security.

Brazil, Curitiba, September 6, 2011 - 22h: 08