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quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

Equation of global tragedies of major proportions

+ Public indifference ...

+  Complicit silence of the scientific community ...

+ Servility financial mainstream media ...

+ Inefficiency + malpractice + negligence of public authorities ...

+ Negligence herds of ignorant ...

+ Irresponsible Skepticism

+ Optimism irresponsible

+ Lack of studies, and humility to admit thepossibility of links between climate change and geological, in connection with the following events:

+ Hurricanes more intense and more frequent
+ Earthquakes more intense and more frequent
+ Dormant volcanoes erupting
+ Tectonic Movement  atypical
+ Global Warming
+ Melting glaciers
+ Increase the temperature of the oceans
+ Release of methane in the atmosphere
+ Increase in sea level
+ Change unknown ocean currents
+ Change of thermal currents of the atmosphere
+ Oxidation  ocean in proportions ignored
+ Changes in the Earth's axis ratios ignored
+ Conscious and planned destruction of ecosystems
+ Conscious and planned destruction ofbiodiversity
+ Conscious and planned destruction of the environment
+ Ignorance of the link between past, present and future

+ Vanities  personal

+ Powerful economic interests

+ Dependence surviving solely on technological vulnerability

= Global tragedies of major proportions, in the future sooner than we can imagine, prevent andhandle.

Brazil, Curitiba, September 1, 2011 - 19h: 31