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sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

The "Sword" of Damocles ...

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Damocles was a flattering courtier in the court of Dionysius I of Syracuse, a fourth century BC tyrant of Syracuse in Sicily.

Damocles said that Dionysus was lucky.

Dionysius offered to switch places with him for a day so he could taste first hand that fortune.

In the evening a banquet was held, where Damocles enjoyed being served as a King

Only at the end of the meal looked up and saw a sharp sword suspended by a single wire ponytail, suspended directly over his head.

The thread tying the sword at one end and at the other end tied to cadeira. Sudden movement with the chair, bursting wire, and the sword come upon the head of whoever was in the chair.

The climate and geological changes taking place in the earth, makes you think the sword of Damocles over the heads of all living species on Earth.

The devastating floods in the state of  Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, happen again. Entirely predictable, cyclical, with time and date but the authorities and population, did nothing proactively to minimize consequences.

Scientists are "studying", (?) "researching" (?), Hurricanes are more frequent and more intense in the United States, have some connection to climate change.

Earthquakes increasingly intense and frequent, clear that an escalation will occur an unprecedented disaster, one of the great cities of the earth soon.

There are reports and scientific measurements of significant changes in the axis-of-the-earth, and entirely unknown and unpredictable consequences, but scientists deride, mock those who call attention to these facts.

The Sun is a phase of intense activity, with consequences yet unknown to modern civilization.

Hundreds of reports, studies, maps, charts, proving that the glaciers are at a minimum, on decades of historical records, and "chair" is still being moved abruptly and inadequate.

Sea levels are rising dangerously as a result of rising temperatures, melting glaciers, movement of tectonic plates, the increase in atmospheric pressure and temperature, but it seems that nobody is concerned about the "sharp sword" hanging by a thin wire on the heads of millions of defenseless human beings in large urban concentrations.

The melting of glaciers is caused the release of methane gas in the atmosphere, a quantity and unknown consequences.

There is a real possibility of a natural disaster with catastrophic consequences, unprecedented in modern history, only reported in ancient records, which resemble Pompeii, Atlantis, Pangaea, Sodom, Gomorrah, Mayans, Aztecs and other civilizations of remote memories, which disappeared causes "unknown "(?).

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March this year, and the current sequence of incessant tremors and its consequences, show a small scale, the true dimensions of a great tragedy that can come on, for short.

But it's amazing to verify the degree of indifference, ignorance and folly of human behavior, given the real possibility of a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions.

Mother Nature is self-explanatory, has tutorial, and comes with a rich instruction manual, translated into all languages, taught with simplicity, how to use and handle properly.

Just read the manual, use the self-explanatory tutorial, which is revealed in the "past climate and geology" of the earth, and all the other planets known to man.

The past of the solar system, training and the various extinctions of life on Earth and other planets that have been studied, a manual is easy to understand, even for a child.

It astonishing that the quantity, simplicity and clarity of notice, are ignored.

Most continue to refuse to accept the risk of sudden movement in a "chair", which can drop the "sword" over our heads.

The global currents of wind are changed, the current global ocean waters are altered, destroyed forests, urban land sliding dangerously, devastating floods in major urban areas, disorganization of the psychic structure of human mental, disorientation magnetic and mysterious deaths of several species, are clear indications of changes unknown.

What suffers from human understanding is that the links are interconnected in a sequence cosmic vital electricity.

Lack of a minimum capacity of worldview, making clear that no physical phenomena, chemical, occurs in isolation, without causes and effects are all related, similar to the fall of stones from the domino game, which, aligned and close together, the drop the first piece the downfall of all other parts.

The "chair" is being displaced in an irresponsible manner, the thread is breaking, and the "sword" threatens the head of all of us ...

I have no doubt, from what little I have studied that the current situation remains unchanged, my predictions bleak, unfriendly and harmful, occur in the coming week or next month, and will not be worthy of any credit, as any human being, with a minimum intelligence and good sense, will reach the same conclusions, and make the same predictions, simply by studying, analyzing and linking the information available.


Brazil, Curitiba, September 9, 2011 - 20h: 13