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domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

A tribute to my friend: @raybeckerman

@raybeckerman's youtube faves
Canal de RayBeckerman

A tribute to my friend: @raybeckerman

We have many similarities: gospel music, admire Martin Luther King, dreams of a lost generation, the spirit of fighting for the rights of the excluded,and other similarities, the distance and different language does not prevent my admiration.
A man of genius, the most intelligent on Twitter.

If it were my only follower, has offset the hours that follow him.

Defender of human rights, indigenous rights, ethics in politics, the environment, biodiversity,ecosystems, finally, a citizen of  Planet Earth.

@raybecckerman, Twitter makes me cry with the memories of a spirituality that does not know where the lost.

When you have the opportunity to visit Brazil, I have the honor to receive it.

Your sincere friend, and admiridador enthusiastic

Brazil, Curitiba, September 11, 2011 - 20h: 22