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sábado, 3 de setembro de 2011

Mother Earth: Uterus, eggs, sperm and cancer ...

The Earth is a living body, which performs bodily functions through specific organs, similar bodiesexist in all living beings.

Planet Earth has heart, has the uterus, blood, ovary, eggs, skin, hair, nervous system, metabolism, intestines, stomach, mouth, ears, intelligence, sensitivity, think and speak as it isintelligent.

Cause I wonder, when reading news meteorcolliding with Earth, are responsible for spreadinglife in the solar system. I know of no greateraberration than this news, because it is exactly thecontrary, the earth was fertilized by the life thatalready exists in the Cosmic Universe.

The Earth is not fertile, she was impregnated by the life existing in our and other galaxies.

Planet Earth performs a complete revolution around the center of the Milky Way every 250 million years, through regions that humankind has ever seen, completely unaware, there is no historical record, because the fossil record of humans on Earth, the oldest , date back 195,000 years.
It's a lot of pretense, the result of human stupidity, to construct a theory that the Earth, newborn, in the Milky Way, can fertilize our Solar System.

Theories absurd, pretentious, because using simple logic, and the astronomical numbers we have, it is clear that other regions of the Milky Way have a life that is unknown, arising at fertilization Chain Carbon impregnated by meteors in the same process occurred on Earth. .

NASA released a report that water exists in the universe, there is oxygen in the universe, there is micro-organisms in the immensity of cosmic unknown.

Mother Earth has a living body, with uterine egg, which is the carbon chain, which are abundant in the Milky Way, as there is water in the Milky Way, in other regions, planets and moons.

The Egg of the Earth and the universe is the carbon chain.

Meteors and Comets: The sperm fertilizes the Carbon Chain

Comets and Meteors perform the function of cosmic espermatozódes, carrying the chemicals necessary for fertilization of eggs in the various regions of the Milky Way and other galaxies.

Oceans of the Earth perform multiple functions, from the womb and blood for the Planet.

The Heart of the Earth is the planet's core, which is responsible for protecting the magnetic field.

The protective skin of Planet Earth is its magnetic field, which performs the function of protecting our planet from chemical and physical devastation of our Galaxy.

The airways of the Earth are the different layers of the atmosphere.

The lungs of the Earth are the forests.

The tectonic plates perform the functions of the nervous organism on Earth.

The volcanoes are responsible for the "Mouth of the Earth."

The rivers and oceans perform the functions of the arterial vascular system of the Earth.

The digestive system is the Earth's mantle or crust, depositary of decaying organic matter.

The metabolism of the Earth is run by the glaciers and ocean temperatures.

Climate change and geological make up the various stages of aging on Earth.

The Sun performs the functions of the View of the Earth.

The magnetic dependence of the gravitational field of the Moon perform the functions of arms and legs of the Earth.

Our feet is the gravitational force that keeps our balance and prevents our falling in the cosmic void.

We, the stupid humans are the cancer in an accelerated process of metastasis, malignant performing the functions of destroying the maternal body, which is Mother Earth.

Modern science, despite all the technological advances, the need to review human medieval paradigms of anthropomorphism.

Modern Science has an obligation to review the technical concept of scientific studies, mistakenly prepared by partitioning of human knowledge, because the organs and body parts of the earth can not be studied and diagnosed separately.

In the case of a "Cosmic Being Alive" from unknown sources, the Earth, a study deserves special care and large, in a new way of analysis and studies.

The Earth is sick, stricken with a cancer called "Homos" that ignores, ignores the laws governing the origin of life in the universe.

First created fictitious deities in the spiritual standards of stupid humanoids, then divides and separates a living body, indifferent to the causes and effects of interconnected living organism, just like all living organisms known.

Planet earth is organic, and this word says it all: complex interacting bodies, for life or death.

Only a scientific revolution in the earth, with early review of outdated paradigms, or an intervention of another alien civilization, you can save the earth from the ravages of organic vital organs to the planetary life, performed by a predator species, murder, a deadly virus, which emerged a genetic abnormality in the DNA code Universal.

Brazil, Curitiba, 03 agot 2011 - 10h: 24