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terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

DEADLY TRAP - global warming, climate change, geological change,

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The Earth is the cradle and the grave of our species.

The Earth is our only home.

When the human species existed in small numbers, and our technology was in the early stages, we had no power to influence the environment.

Nowadays, almost by surprise, the number of people on Earth, is immense, and the technology acquired divine powers and human evil, terrible.

Intentionally or inadvertently, we are able to cause devastating changes in the global environment.

Environment, we, the human beings share with other species.

We are threatened by self-inflicted environmental changes, rapidly accelerating, the consequences of ecological, biological, climatic and geological ignore.

The decrease of the ozone layer, global warming unprecedented in the last 150,000 years, causing warming of the oceans, global warming, releasing large quantities of methane, carbon 12 and CO2, changes in atmospheric and oceanic thermal currents, resulting in the destabilization of plate tectonics, increase in number and intensity of earthquakes and hurricanes, oxidation and changes in ocean-Earth axis.

The human species drops an acre of forest every second.

There are other dangers that do not know and do the necessary links.

Individually and collectively represent a trap for this and all other species.

Consciously or not, we set up thousands of snares and traps for ourselves.

No matter the reasons, naive and shortsighted, our technological activities have created a web of danger that we ignore at this time, with unpredictable consequences.

We are doing the most terrible of crimes: 
Crime against Creation.

Crimes against Creation were not performed by a single group of individuals, political, or a single generation.

The crime was, and is being practiced by all generations, nations and ideologies.

The only way to escape this trap requires awareness, involvement and participation of all peoples of the world, all of this and future generations.

Aware of our responsibilities, individual and collective, the "Earthday" - NGO INTERNATIONAL, COMMITTED TO PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT, the international community of Planet Earth, that involves challenging in this struggle with words and actions, with all the audacity required to preserve the environment of Earth.

The environmental crisis requires radical changes not only in policy but also in individual behavior.

The historical record of climate and geology of the earth, leave no doubts about the future that awaits us.

The effort to save the environment needs to be revered by a vision of "sacred", "untouchable", "inviolable", "divine."

The environment of Earth is the home of every living species.

We need to look at the Earth in the same way we look, revere, protect and value our homes.

Who does not learn to ask the right questions, do not find answers. We need a broad vision of the possibilities of pitfalls, that we may be able to avoid them.

This is a challenge to the spirit of common cause, and joint action that helps preserve the earth.

"Earthday" - International NGO

Brazil, Curitiba, 20 August 2011