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quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

The "Window of Time" is closing, now.

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The "Window of Time" is closing now.

The Laws of Seismology, Meteorítica, Geology, Physics, Geophysics, Climatology, and Astronomy,known, yet allow a faint hope of survival for our species, but the "time window" that allows an actionis now, as is closing .

The most pessimistic forecasts are overcome,were too optimistic.

The scenario for 2100, is now taken for granted in 2050.

The isolated actions will not be able to impact forcerequired to reverse the trend of cycles inevitablecatastrophic consequences.

And we need a "safety margin of time," that the actions taken to cause the desired changes, if it does not unexpected.

There are at present seven billion human lives, depending on the warning message to be decoded, and the necessary actions are implemented within the "time window", which is closing.

Approximately 2.1 billion people, Internet usersaround the world, should be advised by mobilizing sufficient forces for a global mobilization, aiming at the effective action of mankind, in urgent andcomprehensive understanding of what is happenin gand will happen soon on Planet Earth.

The reality surpassed fiction, and few experts, horrified by the scenes of computer graphics, canhave this broad vision of what is happening, and more importantly, what is to happen, but they aremuzzled by government bureaucratic silence, and handcuffed by the powerful economic interests that govern our destinies.

Earth Day
Brazil, Curitiba, March 7, 2012 - 00h: 54