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quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

The "Mission"

Rui Santos de Souza
Earth Day

Earth Day is a "mission" to fight in defense of the environment.

We have no connection to anything and anyone.

We do not have to please anyone, on the contrary,we will carry out the work will disturb and up set many people.

Do not pretend to be pleased, and our "mission" is not to please anybody but to act in defense of the environment.

Earth Day is not a candidate for anything, nor any society with no representation of any kind or type of institution, who stole the freedom to report freely.

We have a "Mission", and you can help, if you want to, can, and believe in the resolute intentions are clearly revealed in many texts posted.

Want to join this "Mission"? The time is now, and you can not wait any longer, because the "Window of Time" is closing ...

In the right column of the blog is the number of savings account and deposit of any spontaneous donation may be made at any branch of "Bank of Brazil," anywhere in the world.

Make your donation and please e-mail. Earth Day  will provide daily reports to the participants of this "Mission".

We are requesting the help of people who will be informed daily of our field work that needs to be done urgently, starting in Brazil.

Bank of Brazil,   (Banco do Brasil)

 2920-3 Agency  (Agência 2920-3)

Savings Account 21735-2  (Conta Poupança 21735-2)

in the name of RUI SANTOS DE SOUZA

Earth Day

Brasil, Curitiba, 07 de Março de 2012 - 15h:34