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domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Brazil in the Civil War: Military dictatorship or dictatorship of Corruption?

At Cesar what is Cesar!; To God what is God!

Brazil is under threat of civil war.

The Brazilians will soon have to decide: Bloody Military Dictatorship of Right, or Dictatorship of Corruption-Anarchist.

To arms, comrades, military thugs, and corrupt Communists also killers!

The crisis is serious, the official press is hiding, but the political temperature is rising dangerously.

Brazil is divided, and will have to make a choice, through the shedding of blood, which option is least bad.

We are in the month of March, which carry the memories of revenge ghosts who insist on haunting Brazil, since 1964.

The Brazilian military took the "Revolution of 1964" to prevent Brazil was dominated by Communists, with all the ideologies of the decaying Soviet system, which was being exported to all countries of the world, for example in Cuba.

The military and civilian revolutionaries, and scam Communists, how they want the Communists were unable to make changes, democratically.

The Communists went into hiding, promoting terrorist attacks, stealing, robbing banks, kidnapping diplomats, finally, daily attacks and constant to the State, directed by the military, with a treatment castrense citizens defenseless.

The military responded to the counterattack, with the enactment of the "State of Exception" tore the Federal Constitution, suspend individual guarantees, enacted censorship, arrested without a warrant, stopped the Parliamentary Houses, killed, tortured, was a period of barbarism, in which Brazil civic plunged in darkness.

Finally, the military recognized the failed attempt to make Brazil to work.

Returned to the command of the Country Republican Institutions, and apparently, Brazil returned to the normal state of "rule of direct, although not democratic."

But it was only apparently.

After the attacks of the Stalinist communist guerrillas, and the Hitlerian ravings of the Brazilian military, came the worst.

The Dictatorship of Corruption!

The general disorder and destruction of all institutions of the Democratic Republican Democratic State of Law.

Today, Brazil is anarchic, corrupt and who is exercising the power of the country

With the devolution of power to Republican Institutions, an amnesty was decreed "extensive", "general" and "unrestricted", who even guaranteed the right to an "ex-guerrilla," assume "Tour Staff" of the Republic, the Commander in Chief of the Brazilian Armed Forces themselves.

Everything seemed to be the democratic normality, until corruption dominated Brazil, and the corrupt anarchists, left for "historical revenge," to judge "Criminals-of-War," the Revolution of 1964.

With the exception of the families of victims of military crimes committed under the banner of the Revolution 64, the current routing of the matter is hypocritical, inconvenient, demagogic and opportunistic, "dates permission."

Do not believe this, is today the highest priority of Brazil, for the most heinous and repugnant to the atrocities have been committed by the excessive power of generals absolutist, deformed by castrense discipline.

The military tortured and killed citizenship.

But the corrupt today, dressed up as heroes of freedom regained are also killing, stealing the children's lunches, stealing the funds required for the reconstruction of killer roads, hospitals scrapped, teachers, hungry, sick and retirees without medical care.

The corrupt today imploded the credibility of the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive Power in the three spheres: Federal, State and Municipal.

Brazil is starting to react, in the face of corrosion moral, ethical, civic, which threatens the country, and the corrupt and anarchists, have created a smokescreen to divert attention from the greatest enemy of Brazil's "Today": The corrupt, they enjoy impunity corporatist, with the blessing of an alleged legal immoral.

It no true that there is a democratic spirit in revenge sterile and paralyzing, as the Brazilian State, granted amnesty to all the persecuted and persecutors, and the Brazilian judiciary, including, indemnified, monetarily, the relatives of victims of military dictatorship.

The corrutos in Brazil, occupying power, are not right nor left, are anarchists, they have no ideological or doctrinal consistency.

In the vacuum created in the struggle between the "right" and "left", the corrupt, opportunists, hyenas food chain, is a Republican who assumed power, devastating and ravaging all the assets in Brazil.

The time is inappropriate, inadequate and hasty, to tinker with wounds that have not yet been healed.

Why is not created, with top priority, a "Truth Commission" to fight the corrupt?

To the best judgment of our readers, priority now is to dethrone the corrupt.

Caring for the environment, forests, rivers,biodiversity, ecosystems, thinking of the futureenvironmental disasters that are already happeningin Brazil.

Build more schools and pay teachers decently.

Equip the Higher Education Institutions.

Hospitals build, and pay, worthily, doctors and auxiliary health care.

Retool the military, which, today, democratically, respecting the Constitution, and are scrapped, making Brazil, the proportion of Continental, in a nation of high vulnerability.

Moralizing the Legislature more demoralized Earth.

Lowering the tax burden.

Ending economic speculation.

Reducing urban violence.

Combat trafficking in drugs, which plagues our cities.

Close the borders and prevent the entry of international guerrillas.

Build new social and educational systems, and social support to decrease crime.

Equip the police, and pay and professionals from different areas of Public Safety.

Civil War, vindictive, is not on the agenda of priorities for Brazilians.

Better, then, think of the carnival next year, and the preparation, delayed, football stadiums for the 2014 World Cup.

Let's lower the ball, this is not the time, historically correct, to stir the shit, the more we move, the more it stinks.

Brazilian, Voter, Citizen, exercising the constitutional and democratic right of expression.
Brazil Curitiba, March 4, 2012 - 20h: 51