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domingo, 25 de março de 2012

"Maestros of Dreams"


Faced with thousands of information on climate change, there is one irrefutable fact: climate change is real, and is a consensus of all climate experts.

You do not believe, but the facts are reported in the media daily, which prove the reality of climate change.

It is not an academic question, restricted to selected public.

Another indisputable fact, the different links weather: hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, disorientation of the animal, waves of cold and heat, floods, wind currents, ocean currents, oxidation of the oceans, and the dramatic rise in temperature in recent decades , and concentrated heavy rains causing devastating floods and melting glaciers.

Denying the obvious is unspeakable stupidity.

Astonishes the widespread indifference to serious events.

Astonishes also our unpreparedness to face the dramatic climate changes, particularly in large urban centers, unprotected and unsuspecting.

Undeniable is the failure of "Maestros of Dreams," in addressing the complex orchestra of natural instruments, being run by Mother Nature.

There is a theoretical musical score that signals what the next movement of natural forces, to be executed.

The "Maestros of Dreams" were never able to fix the sounds of untuned drums of war.

Would be able to understand, interpret and direct the sounds of nature?

The "Maestros of Dreams" not harmonize the instruments of the world economy, causing social inequality, hunger, poverty, corruption and social exclusion.

The "Maestros of Dreams," do not harmonize the discordant sounds of racism, prejudice, religious, political and ethnic groups.

The "Maestros of Dreams" does not tune their instruments, the Assemblies of the UN.

The "Maestros of Dreams", dressed in sophisticated clothing, produced by famous couturiers, only know how to mime theater in front of microphones and cameras of the media officer, subject to the advertising dollars.

Determine the agenda of the essays, but know not hear the sounds of Mother Nature, and even they heard, were not allowed to reveal.


The sounds of nature cause financial losses to the sponsors of pasteurized and dehydrated news, broadcast daily by the news.

The public is indifferent to climate change, because for centuries of alienation, forgotten how to hear the sounds of nature.

The "Maestros of dreams" do not teach music education critical, contextualized and thinning of musical notes, the performers of the orchestra universal, composed of seven billion participants.

The "masters of dreams" just know, with great skill and resourcefulness, drive the sounds of fun, unbridled consumerism, or the noise of weapons of war.

Know and know very well distinguish the sound of the guns, but do not know the cries of dolphins, whales, elephants and penguins.

The "Maestros of Dreams" raise the know "Batuta Maestro" only during election campaigns billionaire, but once elected, they forget to attend rehearsals, and when the spectacle of nature begins, do not know the musical script to be executed, and are lost.

90% of all wealth produced by mankind were consumed in weapons of war.

The other 10% are concentrated in the hands of a privileged minority hereditary.

90% of humans that lived, live and inhabit the Earth, died or will die of hunger, thirst, or diarrhea.

Is there anyone who believes in the ability of "Maestros of Dreams"  in finding solutions to the challenges climate?


The "Maestros of Dreams" know how to produce beautiful photographs, tasty menus, breathtaking tours, film screenings in 3D, to mislead people with small and insignificant isolated actions that do not harmonize the orchestra in any way pruzindo cultural garbage geometric scales.

The "Maestros of Dreams" can write optimistic texts, deluding the ignorant ...

They do amazing films placing in doubt the future geological and climatic events ...

Know how to build sports stadiums to make the people forget, or not be aware of what awaits us in the near future ...

They know how to question and ridicule those who discover the "darkness of the cave," and that out ...

Know how to handle the instruments of the world economy, to hide from people, the reality is threatening to close ...

"Maestros of Dreams" are expert in "dreams", and not know unknown face "harsh reality" of those who can never dream, and life is an eternal nightmare, in areas of imminent risks.

You decide: Believe it or not this series of warnings issued by Earth Day, so we do not make any difference, unless the intense pain at the suffering of others.

We have already begun the countdown:

2.100: (Countdown) Missing 32.082 days

Earth Day
Brasil, Curitiba, 25 de março de 2012 - 18h:33