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segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012

exclusion zones green


Enough of discussions, studies and commissions.

In Brazil, there is a popular expression, which reads, when someone does not want to do, not doing anything, but pretend you're doing: " You are filling sausage", to gain time.

The moment we live is serious, requiring urgent, and not worth being "filled sausage" because the time to act is running out.

Let's cut to the chase.

The time is now to act.

exclusion zones green
Suggestions for radical solutions to address climate change and geological underway on Planet Earth:

01) Prohibit any oil exploration in the oceans.

02) That UNESCO declared World Heritage oceans, and they remain under the protection and enforcement of the UN Security Council.

03) The UN to end the legal instrument of the "Power of Veto",  and the decisions of the prevailing majority of the "Council".

04) All countries of the world to find alternative sources of natural energies to replace oil.

05) That the production of alternative sources (ethanol, corn, and others) are coercive to all nations.

06) While there is the substitution of oil by other sources, that the big oil tankers are forbidden to sail the oceans, and that any oil shipments, is done in small vessels, because in case of accidents, damage will be smaller proportions.

07) That any form of exploitation of oil wells, are made by environmental agencies in each country, and that oil is not operated by private companies for the purposes of financial gain.

08) That the exploration of oil in the world to be nationalized, nonprofit.

09) That the only automakers manufacturing cars using fuels derived from alternative energy sources. Total ban on manufacture of cars powered by fuel derived from petroleum.

10) What airlines and industries receive tax incentives for each country to promote the substitution of energy sources.

11) That the road haulage is prohibited, and that each country restore its meshes railway and river.

12) The urban rail transport is required, and prohibited the movement of private vehicles in cities.

13) That UNESCO declared "World Heritage" all forests around the world, without exception.

14) All countries of the world destroy their weapons arsenals, without exception, and that the only armed forces of the Earth is the UN, to intervene in extreme cases, the consensus of most members of the Security Council.

15) That all funds used in the construction of ordnance, are intended for environmental protection, and funds of funds to be used in case of major environmental disasters.

16) That the rates charged for water consumption are elevated to the highest level possible, in order to curb wasteful consumption.

17) That the distribution of water throughout the Earth to be nationalized, and no longer an object of exploitation for profit by private companies.

That this list of suggestions is improved, and properly planned for the Rio+20, and brought to the UN Security Council, which will approve, and take the relevant decisions.

Earth Day
Brazil, Curitiba, March 18, 2012 - 10h: 54