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quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

2012: years old

The "New Year, 2012, born aged, sick, worn out, depleted by the action of a" Species Insane. "

New perfumes -  smells old.

New hells for old sins.

Neon light in the windows - battlefields form rivers of blood.

Christmas decoration -  urban traffic killer.

New songs at top volume to drown out the noise of urban violence.

New discourses - old corrupt practices.

New clothes - old ambitions.

Hair combed - anesthetized conscience.

New cars - old roads killer.

Mouths full - empty hearts.

Toys and gifts: starving children.

Hugs and kisses -  sweatshops.

New promises - old debts.

Handshakes -  guns cocked.

Optimistic forecasts -  economic slavery.

New technological achievements -  felled forests.

Cups and cutlery on the tables - polluted water.

New ships -  oceans oxidized.

Supersonic aircraft -  not atmosphere.

GPS -  to show the path that leads to death.

New laws -  old crimes.

New churches - old sins.

New philosophies -  devaluation of life.

New governments - failed states.

New spending - social inequalities.

New information - old indifference.

Air conditioning in homes - global warming.

New drugs - old diseases.

New economy - old waste.

Tables with plenty of food - misery forgotten.

Many colors - no common sense.

Very design, weak content.

Many followers - devious purposes.

Too much noise in the empty can.

Unhappy "Old Year", is born aging by the action of a nefarious "Insane Species."

Many toys -  no science.

Lots of fun -  little action.

Much of the information, no application humanitarian.

Lack truths, many lies.

Many "I" just "us".

Brazil, Curitiba, December 28, 2011 - 19h: 37