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quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2011

Important lessons from the tragedy in #Japan

It is not enough to be reading, and relaying daily news about the environmental disasters of great magnitude, which is made without a careful analysis and interpretation of the data available.

Geological and climatic changes have always occurred in Earth history, the big difference between the previous changes, and those occurring today, is the large concentration of people in unorganized and overcrowded modern urban centers.

The tragedy in Japan is a typical example, emblematic, that shows, with cruelty, the main difference between climate change and geologic past, before the current framework of modern large urban concentrations.

A s trong earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami in March this year, devastated the Japanese cities, teaching important lessons.

- Earthquakes have always occurred, but do not combine with the modern but fragile Nuclear Plants.

- The Japanese technology to address preventive earthquakes was ineffective, given the magnitude of the tragedy.

- All Japanese technology to meet earthquake was ineffective, weak and unable to face the forces of Mother Nature.

- The tsunami that occurred after the earthquake, has invaded large urban agglomerations, defenseless, unsuspecting and unprotected, built along the coast.

Large earthquakes, devastating tsunamis, powerful eruptions of volcanoes, flooding of the beds of major rivers, hurricanes and tornadoes, landslides, natural phenomena have always been, but never with the frequency and intensity of today's tragic event, clearly demonstrating that climate change and geological underway at present are unsafe and incompatible large urban concentrations.

- The geologic past of the Earth, and all other known in the Milky Way, which show mutual climatic and geological changes are directly
linked, cause significant changes in geography and climate, but in the modern world, such changes affect economies, labor markets, production of food, destroying roads and bridges urban, affect the distribution of electric power, transit, hospitals, air travel, the safety of nuclear plants, leading to urban chaos and social disorder, without speaking of the diseases, epidemics result of organic garbage and debris.

- The environmental disaster caused damage in Japan, human and material losses, incalculable.

- Japan, modern paradise of the new technology was incapable of confronting the power of Mother Nature with success, what the consequences will be less prepared in other cities?

The news today tells of the consequences of the Tornadoes in the United States of America, and a sandstorm in Iran

Recently there has been a strong wave of blizzards in the United States of America, causing many social and economic disruption.

A recent landslides of land in Brazil, caused a significant countless deaths and destruction in the cities affected.

The consequences of the earthquake in Haiti are still being counted, with no provision for reconstruction of that country

Air traffic in Europe collapsed in early 2010, as a result of the eruption of the volcano in Iceland.

- There is a deadly combination, terrible and frightening in the current climate and Golog:

- Speed ​​in taking place.

- Lack of current complex web of cause and effect, an effect of the game of dominoes, the fall of the first part, which tips the next parts.

- Unpredictable consequences of dependence on modern technology, we are subjected.

Climate change and geological past, there was no reliance on electricity or nuclear, there were no transits
congested, elevators, operating rooms, central computers that direct and organize all human activities.

Modern civilization depends on oil to move vehicles and machines, which handle the savings, of which all depend, and would not survive for long without such resources and technologies.

The food we consume comes not from the plantation of the backyard of the residence, not the drinking water comes from the well of the yard which we reside, we face the diseases are not controlled with natural herbs, our means of transport and communications depends entirely of an entire technological apparatus highly vulnerable and fragile, unable to withstand extreme climatic and geological changes significant.

The tectonic movement in Japan continues with a frightening intensity and frequency, portending new higher intensity earthquakes in Japan where the soil becomes water, but affecting other regions of the planet Earth.

It is evident that the intensity and frequency of earthquakes in Japan that are happening daily since March, and causing consequences are affecting the entire planet Earth, causing unknown and unpredictable consequences throughout the tectonic movement of the Earth, volcanoes affecting affecting the climate, ocean currents, changing the axis-of-the-earth.

Human folly was revealed inefficiency and failure in government and scientific community in Japan, which has always been considered a country of advanced technology.

It's easy to imagine what will happen soon, in less organized and wholly unprepared to deal with such events, simply by the example of the tragic consequences of the earthquake in Haiti.

Soon, very soon, other earthquakes of great magnitude will occur in different regions of the planet Earth, as a result of geological changes underway in Japan, more tornadoes, other hurricanes, new volcanoes will erupt, similar to the catastrophic floods that occurred in Pakistan.

indifference remains the same, ignorance is greater, there is more disasters waiting to learn the lessons?

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