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domingo, 8 de maio de 2011

World without anyone!

News of the World, or the woes of the world?

World of Avatar, without faces, without faces, no smiles, flooded with tears.

Virtual world, oblivious of the real.

World of advanced technologies, but without World Dolphin, Whale no.

World of lives without philosophies, and philosophies of life without values.

World of electronic equipments, but no birds, no forests, no fruit, no food, no peace, security, housing, mental and physical health, water.

World dominated and driven by terrorists, psychological, spiritual, emotional, financial, war, family, professional, educational, institutional.

World of religious temples, but abandoned by God.

Commodified world of religions, without love of neighbor, grounded in the Bible without the New Testament.

World run by corrupt politicians and bloodthirsty wild beasts of the employee.

World of SMS, Torpedoz, E-mail, Keyboards, HD, Chips, Mice, Digital Canvas, but with no feelings, no romance, no transparency, destitute of noble sentiments that gave rise to the civilizing process, we differed from other species.

World Information pausterizada, dietetics, sealed the actual, full of subliminal messages that only the projected consumption of toxic waste.

World Wars, terrorist attacks.

World that kills our children, kill our cattle, kill our oceans, killing our forests, killing our future, our charred soil, eliminate our future.

World that poisons the air we breathe, dig holes to take oil, just the water we drink.

World of modern cars, but without the colors of animals.

World of locks, electronic gates, surveillance cameras, no fish in the rivers.

World of cries of pain, no birdsong.

World of shacks they consume in the flames of fire events.

World of shacks built on slopes previously convicted.

World of killer traffic, cars and avenues mortuary.

World of scanned images, hiding our sorrows, griefs, wrinkles, ambitions, perverssidades, institutes bestial.

World that we must kill to survive.

Speculative world of wealth, and contempt for honest work.

No World Without, the devaluation of life.

Virtual world, virus, poison, lying, fawning, masked, destructive, murderous dreams.

World of information on pills, but without thinking, without criticism, without analysis.

World plagued by fear of the next attack.

World hospitals without doctors.

World without medical vocation.

Priests of the world without faith, lack of culture and practical experience of Jesus' teachings.

Priests who do not offer the other side to beat, do not walk two miles with the enemy, who did not love those friends, and even forgive their enemies, who did not join treasures in heaven, but only want a fortune on Earth, and they say: " Lord, Lord, but not enter the kingdom of heaven ", real or imaginary.

World electronic safety locks, but without the locks of decency, honesty, sincerity.

World of teachers facing students who do not want to learn.

World without the following examples, without heroes, without references.

World dominated by cynicism, mockery, disbelief and lack of collective goals.

World without ideas, dominated by economic power, adulation and submission.

World order determined by the stupidity and foolishness, of who should preserve it.

World that will have its tragic end soon, loneliness, abandonment and the predatory process that is being submitted.

World whose only hope is his own end, diluted and sprayed in the ashes of a species that could not protect and preserve it.

World ... no one to protect you!

World without anyone ... to notify you of his tragic end by the irresponsibility of a species that survives in the concrete and waterproofed feelings.

Brazil, Curitiba, July 30, 2010 - 09h: 23