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domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

@Geoblogfeed Petermann Glacier: At a glacial pace?

Chris Rowan

Petermann Glacier: At a glacial pace?

We are beginning our focus on the land based ice of northern Greenland. Flying out of Thule places us close to Petermann Glacier situated in Greenland’s northwest corner. The focus of our first flight of this phase of the project (the overall 29th flight of the season!) is Petermann Glacier. Perhaps Greenland’s most newsworthy glacier of the past year, Petermann captured the attention of the world in August 2010 when it calved an approximately 97 square miles (251 square kilometers) block of ice, extraordinary in size, in fact the largest Arctic glacier to calve since 1962, almost 50 years! Four times the size of Manhattan, this three-dimensional block of ice cost Petermann about one-quarter of its 43 mile