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sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011

I have a Dream!

I have released my dream turned into a project a few months ago, so far without success practical support, but will not give up, go back or be afraid of public exposure.

I believe that somewhere on Planet Earth, there is a person or company who want to be in Brazil and realize the work I am willing to conduct and participate in this partnership, funding this project.

What in the world of cruelty, indifference and futility, there are still honest people and well intentioned with the security and future of the community.

I have a dream that became effective in Action Project, and I communicate my dream to millions of people of Planet Earth, via Twitter, and Facebook.

I am Brazilian, living in Curitiba, Parana State, Brazil. I have 61 years of age, higher education, good culture, a lot of information, communication, I like challenges and adventures, excellent health, physical layout and willingness to learn more.

After much reading and writing about the
environment, geology, astronomy, biodiversity, ecosystems, oxidation of the oceans, raising sea levels, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, destruction of forests, sealing of urban land, pollution of rivers , global warming, greenhouse effect, not only dreamed of writing, but an elaborate design of effective action, giving my modest contribution to state and denounce environmental situation in Brazil, which could be done through a large, lengthy, detailed and documented field research in the entire Brazilian coast, in the Brazilian Amazon, the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, in the Atlantic, in the Brazilian forest reserves, rivers and urban hillside, in an accelerated process of destruction.

But to do this research trip, with photos, movies, and everyday items, through Brazil, I need help from people who believe in my dream, and can assist in achieving this dream, design effective, practical and achievable.

This dream turned into a research project, which will result in journalistic material, you need my determination, enthusiasm, and participation of people who help fund the project financially in return for exclusive advertising and through the material disclosed.

The Dream, turned into a project is as follows:

Materials needed:

- A camcorder
- A camera
- A notebook satellite
- Cost of daily expenses for travel and food

Field of Search:

- All the Brazilian Coast, South to the extreme North.
- Main rivers: Iguazu, Amazon, Jari, Rio Negro, Amazon, São Francisco, Paraíba, and other important tributaries ...
- Pantanal Region
- Brazilian Amazon
- Environmental Reserves

The films, photos and written articles, interviews, maps, documents, transmitted daily through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, showing the real extent of the environmental situation of each area surveyed, will always be sent directly to our employees, who may use, beyond the disclosure of employees through all the material produced and the resulting field research.

The main goal should, with technical criteria, will be to educate the world that "
environment" is a matter of "Global Security", which affects everybody, and that an effective warning system can be effective in case of future environmental disasters, and that urgent measures can minimize loss of human lives and financial loss.

Join you in this project.

All contributions will be posted daily in public realatórios through www.dia-da-

The accounts will be published monthly, containing all funds received, with the identification of each employee, and all receipts for expenses incurred in funding the project.

Believe and take part in this dream, transformed into a research project and dissemination of environmental data collected from a large research field.

Donate through: Bank of Brazil, 2920-3 Agency Savings Account - Savings Account 21735-2 in the name of RUI SANTOS DE SOUZA

Donate through: Bank of Brazil, 2920-3 Agency Savings Account - Savings Account 21735-2 in the name of RUI SANTOS DE SOUZA

Contact: rui.santos - 55-041-9107-9174