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domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

@WarmingGlobe Global Concern About Climate Change Cools

Warming Globe

Global Concern About Climate Change Cools

Global warming hits a hot button among liberal activists in the United States, but it gets an icy reception among conservatives and a lukewarm one from the general public in many nations. Globally, just 42 percent of the people participating in Gallup surveys in 111 countries last year considered the controversial concept as either a “somewhat serious” or a “very serious” threat.

Gallup says the findings may reflect increasing skepticism about climate change.

The findings come even as the U.S. Supreme Court is pondering a six-state lawsuit against five of the country's largest power companies in which the states want to sue the companies to force them to curb their carbon dioxide emissions. During an April 19 hearing before the court, several justices expressed skepticism about taking up the case, saying it's a matter for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to address instead.

The potentially landmark environmental case involves the states' 2004 lawsuit claiming that the utilities are contributing to climate change and creating a public nuisance. Its consequences, such as rising seas, reduced crop yields and destruction of some hardwood trees, harm people, the states contend.

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