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quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011


(Translation of English text, for the friends out of Brazil)

I had been able to have the skills and genius of the greatest painter of all time, the Hubble, to paint your beauty, grace, lightness, color and endless mysteries that hide, from your past, present and future.

In your Earth Day, I revere you, kneel before your greatness of your beauty, your majesty absolute and unquestionable.

Looking closely you see all the bards of your multiple colors, a little more away, I see your blue hues, the farther you still see infinity pool with a Star.

Near or far, do not tire of admiring your grace and lightness in your ball stars in this crowded room that is the universe, a rhythm dance crazy, they do not stumble across other pairs, not to jeopardize our existence.

I acknowledge your pain in childbirth, giving life to the beings that you shelter in your bosom. How many times have you got to generate the necessary lifeblood that sustains me, in a primitive soup of organic or not, that I raised up and poisoned.

Dear mother of thy bosom sacred comes heat and cold necessary to renew the cycle of our lives.

Yours is the day April 22? No, no Dear Mother, forgive our ignorance. EVERYONE IS YOUR DAY!. Pity the children and mothers who only appreciate the mother, on Mother's Day.

Mother Earth, all the days and nights of our lives belong to you.

My blood is made and nourished by your blood: Carbon, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, minerals, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Zinc, Iron, Mercury, finally got out of thy womb, for thy bowels be back.

Thou art the Mother of all, regardless of ideology, political position, social, economic, intellectual, cultural, religious, or other sacial whatever.

Your Day is the commemoration more democratic of Planet Earth, for thou art "Mother of all" living beings that houses, protects and kills, and also depend on all of your love or fury.

Mother loved and forgotten, of your breasts does the nutrient that gives me my life and leave the poison that brings me back to your body.

I want to be quiet on this day that I revere, I do prayers, prayers, charms, spells, light candles, I fight, argue, kill, love, feed me and I hunger for Your Life extends for billions and billions of years, in spite of your erratic trajectory, in the confines of the galaxy.

Dear Mother Earth, I want to be silent to hear your voice through the roar of volcanoes, feel your body vibrate through estrecimento of earthquakes, I would bathe me in your ocean waters, playing in the lap of thy rivers, hide me in the dark caverns of thy bowels, smiling at the sun kiss the morning, and sleep with you when the Moon comes to see you.

I want to warm me in the fire of your deepest entrails and feel the cool wind that magnetic misalignments your hair that shine with the radiance of your partner inseparable, which is the Sun, whose fate is sealed for life and death .

I promise, my Beloved Mother, who no longer run away from lightning from thy wrath, nor do I hide the sound of your thunder, blessed everybody, because I recognize in my absolute ignorance, unaware that the Laws have received and is obligated to obey. It's your anger, your voice is your proud that feeds the soil.

I recognize your beauty and fury, surprise me with your grace and lightness to see the pictures majestic spots across Nature.

I never tire of admiring the colors she uses to paint the birds, the joy that you grant to the dolphins.

Dear Mother Earth, forgive me for my failures with you.

I promise that from this day and all others who belong to you, I will prostrate before thy magnitude, thinking, writing and taking actions necessary to your preservation.

I recognize your love for all, your infinite grace, because all of your might depend, and by thy might die.

Dear Mother Earth, make me a tool to raise awareness to all of your important, because you can give us heaven or hell, according to the laws that only you know and dominate.

Modern man I am, I recognize my spiritual and cultural backwardness in relation to the generations that preceded me, because despite all the technological tools available to me, I know less about your greatness and majesty povosque than others before me, because they'll most revered wisdom , faith, and deep feeling, that they were aware of our ignoracism before thy universal laws.

Starting today, I promise, I offered obeisances while your strength to allow my existence, your insignificant cosmic enormity.

Hidden Secrets demeu know short because I could not insignificant that I am, know of your origins, of the fullness of thy strength, and the fate that awaits you, and will be for us all, because without your lap, do not exist.

I ask you to bless me, Mother Earth, in this Day, that celebrate your life, which depend to sleep, wake up, feed, quench my thirst, to preserve my species, and of all other species, which depend also of thy womb, cradle and sepulcher.

April 22, 2010 - RUI SANTOS DE SOUZA