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domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

#Japan: Geological Future

The sequence, frequency and intensity of earthquakes in Japan thousands of Tectonic, days after March 11, 2011, is supposed somber consequences for the future of the Japanese Islands Geological.

The high number, frequency and intensity of earthquakes taking place in Japan is alarming, and symptomatic, making predicting future events on a scale unknown to modern civilization.

Just the slightest knowledge of the dynamics of large-scale geological phenomena, know a bit about movement of tectonic plates, massive and to predict future geological changes in that region.

It is important to the effective monitoring, it is clear that the tectonic movement in the region is causing a fractionation of the crust, with inevitable repercussions in other tectonic plates, in different regions of the Earth.

There is an ongoing geological change of colossal proportions, and which in turn will result in geological changes in several different geographical regions of the Earth.

It is urgent monitoring, and deployment of an effective alarm system, since what is at stake is the fate of millions of human lives, that they are prisoners in huge and disorganized urban areas.

The disaster in Japanese nuclear plants, can be added to other tragic disaster of equal proportions: the rupture of dams, bridges fall, destruction of roads, disease, lack of food, lack of drinking water, destruction of electric power grids, multiple failure of urban infrastructure.

It is not rational, logical or intelligent, not knowing that prevent earthquakes in Japan is not an occasional phenomenon of Earth's geology, but structurally the whole planet Earth.

It is inevitable that is going to assume a colossal geological phenomenon in the structure of the Earth, which will fundamentally change in a geological time scale unknown, that to the experts in geology, is not new, because in our geological past, such geological changes colossal, there have been thousands of times, and as proof the ridges, the geographic changes of the oceans, the geographic shift of deserts, pits sea, mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, volcanoes, and basically all the variety of topographic models of planet Earth.

The frequency, sequence, and unusual intensity of earthquakes in Japan, suggests that affect other geologically sensitive areas on earth.

The geological fissures are being affected in different about regions, the magnetic-axis of the earth is being affected, the climate is being affected, ocean currents, the direction of winds, atmospheric gases, the Earth's rotation, finally, we ignore this point, and may be too late when we discover the consequences related to geological phenomena taking place in Japan.

It is alarming, unpredictable and bleak, the findings of geological movement in the fragile Japanese islands, Enrollment in this video released on Youtube.

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