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quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

@lisduarte: Alaska's coastline collapse into the sea

lisduarte RT @GOOD: The big melt: Watch Alaska's coastline collapse into the sea

Contributing Editor, Environment

The polar regions are the real canaries in the climate change coal mine. While the entire planet is warming, the temperature increases at the poles are mind-boggling. Remember how the crazy polar warming broke NASA's temperature scale? These charts show the temperature anomaly above the history average.

This warming is causing all sorts of changes up in the Arctic, as ice and permafrost melt and wind and current patterns shift. According to a new piece in National Geographic, in some areas, arctic permafrost coast is "collapsing into the sea by as much as 100 feet a year." The average rate of collapse is over a foot and a half every year.

They also feature this incredible video from 2009 of what this collapse and erosion really looks like: