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quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

@guardianeco: #Earth #Day's = #Google

Earth Day's 41st anniversary celebrated by Google

Earth Day's 41st anniversary is celebrated in a Google doodle.

If you open Google's homepage you will be greeted by an Eden-like scene of diverse wild animals in their natural habitats.

This Google doodle, built around the search giant's logo, is its latest celebration of Earth Day, started 41 years ago to raise awareness of and appreciation for the natural world.

The interactive scene features two pandas, one of which shocks the other with a sneeze when you place your mouse on it, a nod to this YouTube video. Other animated features include a fish swimming up a waterfall, only to be snatched up in the jaws of a bear, a koala climbing up and down a eucalyptus tree and a penguin leaping off an iceberg (you can read here how islanders in the South Atlantic rescued thousands of endangered northern rockhopper penguins, which were caught in thick oil slicks).