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quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2016

the dehumanization of progress

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the dehumanization of progress ...

It is not a matter of demonizing progress.

In contrast, progress has improved the quality of life.

Progress possible scientific advancement in different and important areas of human knowledge.

Progress brought innovation in the areas of communications, transport, laboratory research, medical equipment, medicines, efficient fighting the infectious diseases endemic.

There are so many and innumerable changes arising from the human progress in the last 200 years, that virtually revolutionized the way of life of humanity.

But the human race has committed a crime, became the last of progress and present the weapon that killed the possibility of future.

Progress, although it has contributed, and to the welfare of human life, was criminally turned into a self-destructive monster.

Progress was run without a global smart planning.

Riches from the progress were not distributed in a democratic and fair, between humans and other species.

Riches won with the progress of profits were concentrated in a few hands dehumanized beings by pettiness and stripped of any trace of rationality.

Progress, at any cost, disorderly, unplanned, destructive of natural resources, transformed the Earth into a barren desert.

Progress, which provided countless benefits to the quality of human life, was transformed into a tormentor ruthless of future generations, because without planning, aimed exclusively individual profit without measuring the consequences of the damage caused to the natural environment, completely destroyed the possibility of future life on Planet Earth.

Contamination of the air, the fresh water of rivers, destruction of forests and native vegetation, pollution of the oceans, aggressive asphalt invasion in cluttered urban construction, advancing over areas of environmental disaster risk large-scale, triggered a tsunami plagued hungry, thirsty and without destination.

Population growth, entirely disproportionate to the physical space and livable on Earth originated and potentiate the growth of ethnic conflicts, social, economic, political, religious, ideological.

The uncontrolled and irrational number of inhabitants in relation to the available space, has further aggravated the eternal differences, social and economic injustice, violence, instances of heinous crimes, creating a many-headed monster, the main two are urban terrorism and the international .

Progress, conceived and undertaken initially with the intention of promoting the advancement of mankind, eventually transformed into a large and insurmountable abyss, before which we are unable to move, trapped on a dead end.

The progress of humanity was criminally dehumanized by a small group of ruthless human without any ethics, insensitive, criminally unscrupulous, which determined the order of the future.

There is still some hope?

Honestly? We do not know the answer.

There is strong evidence that well past the point of what would be possible to return.

We want to be wrong, and that the miracle of return is still possible.

Clearly, right, unquestionable, incontrovertible, that the planet Earth is experiencing a very serious climate changes process, in connection with geological consequences yet unknown and unpredictable, entirely incompatible with too many people on Planet Earth.

Will not happen, is not forecast, it is not prophecy, much less futurology, as is happening today, right now.

It is today's reality, undeniable, as is the daily headlines of all global communications media:

- Drinking water is over

- The living spaces sold out

- The oceans are poisoned and dying, bringing together, for the fatal destiny, all seafarers beings or not.

- The forests were destroyed, turned into the atmosphere polluting coal.

- Glaciers are melting at a speed unimagined even by the directors of disaster films, triggering the release of an amount of CO² and methane gas in frightening amounts being injected daily in the Earth's atmosphere.

- Rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, all drying up as a result of the increase in global average temperature.

The Earth in the face of rapid global warming process, has become a mega pot, boiling and causing the evaporation of all waters.

The mantle of the earth, with temperatures also higher and higher, is making a boil and evaporate all the water available on the planet.

Human activity, inordinately greedy and unscrupulous, demeaning, irrational and stupid, accelerated all natural processes and rhythms of natural cyclical changes.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, forest fires, shortages of food and water on scales intensities and frequencies never before recorded in the history of modern human civilization, enabling admit the scientific hypothesis that the human species leveraged a global collapse of incalculable proportions.

Factors and natural disasters of major proportions, constitute generators engines of social and economic destabilization.

Earth Day would like to advertise and disseminate good news for 2016, but unfortunately we do not have the good news that we would like to convey.

The year 2016, it seems, booking major disasters in range of intensities and magnitudes greater than any natural disasters that have already occurred in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In the last six years since 2010, there was an amazing sequence in the geometric rise of climbing natural phenomena of high destructive power, incompatible with the fragility of urban and techno-dependent modern human life, totally helpless and in need of protection and resources natural.

We sincerely wish to be completely wrong, but our mathematical projections, science-based, are that in 2016 we will be faced with natural disaster proportions, magnitudes, intensities and frequencies that will test the human capacity to survive.

Mother Nature can surprise and debunk the myth of human superiority over other species.

Provided they live organic than Earth is, there are indications that we are already experiencing a natural rejection process Earth in relation to humans.

The human stupidity, turned our species into a foreign body to our planet, and that needs to be thrown out because canceled the possibility of life of all other species and our own planet.

The Earth is alive, is organic, chemistry, physics, geothermal and biological; pulses, vibrates, speech; He was born in a past astronomical day, and she knows she will die in the future, near or far.

However, the Earth's smart, and he knows that getting rid of humans, will have greater chances of living longer.

But we humans, we transform our way of life in highly hazardous infectious process and compromising the possibility healthy life of our planet, therefore, we are in a process of artificial and natural self-extinction.

The Earth will survive longer, with better quality of life for the remaining species, without our harmful and criminal presence.

With constrained seizure, let's wait for the 2016 events.

We will return in December 2016, reminding the all the warning today.

Earth's Day
Brazil, Curitiba, January 6, 2016