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domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016

Earth Day: Free University of the Environment in the Amazon

Which aims to establish a "Free University of the Environment in the Amazon"? 
Welcome, participate in this project: to build a "Free University of the Environment in the Brazilian Amazon" 
01 - The "Free University of the Environment in the Amazon," in fact, is a "Noah's Ark" project; 
02 - You can not save everyone, but you can survive; 
03 - Some local species can survive; 
04 - To preserve the still existing local fauna; 
05 - Preserving the local biomes still surviving; 
06 - Preserving the existing local ecosystem; 
07 - Water Guarantee to survive; 
08 - Possibility of building houseboats; 
09 - extracted natural power Possibility of the forest; 
10 - geologically stable tectonic plate; 
11 - Natural environment preserved and difficult access to natural predators, plentiful among humans; 
12 - Security possibility to survive; 
13 - Preservation of local biodiversity still exist; 
14 - Possibility of natural survival defenses in case of global tragedy situations of great proportions; 
15 - Unlimited possibilities of scientific environmental research; 
16 - Learning survival techniques in global disaster situation; 
17 - The existence of local natural defenses, enabling survival in extreme situations; 
18 - Possibility of natural geographic self defense; 
19 - Protection of all the natural ecosystem still existing; 
20 - Ease of self defense natural food, through native foods, unprocessed; 
21 - The existence of natural native tribes is the strongest proof of the possibility of natural survival in extreme struggle for survival situations. 
Many other good reasons we can present, but we believe that the listed above are enough to convince you to join our project, "Free University of the Environment in the Amazon" 

Free University  Environment in the Amazon
Global Strategic Environmental Defense Center