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domingo, 29 de novembro de 2015

What is the importance and value of agreements between nations? #COP21

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What is the importance and value of agreements between nations?

See the Treaty of Versailles ended in another world war, and the fractionation of the world between conflicting ideologies.

And the peace agreement to end the Second World War ended with the onset of the Cold War, which almost brought the world to the nuclear apocalypse.

Treaties and peace agreements between Arabs and Israelis.

Treaties and peace agreements in history:

Between Greeks and Trojans always resulted in another war between them, because the agreements were always violated .

The peace agreements between Greece and Egypt, have never met.

Treaties between Japan and Germany.

Between Russia and Germany.

Between Japan and the United States of America.

Finally, the long list of agreements and treaties, never met, it is endless.

How important is an agreement

In principle, no.

Agreements only serve usually to save time, not needing to do anything.

Agreements only serve to deceive the opposite audience, charging solutions and attitudes.

As a rule, the agreements are made to hide a hidden intention, as on the absolute impossibility of saying no, the only way out is to make a deal, or appoint commissions of study or research, to mask the real intentions.

Let's wait for the end of another meeting climate in Paris cop21, which has already started darkly, throwing bombs at demonstrators, and we will know what the real intentions of the participating countries, and will produce a change in relevant behavior, or whether it was another deception scenario and concealment

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