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segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

The meeting in Paris, COP21, is the "D-Day" for the future of humanity.

COP21 - The "Last Bullet".

COP21 - The "Last Trumpet" of Revelation

The meeting in Paris, COP21, is the "D-Day" for the future of humanity.

We will not have another chance.

The time is up, they sold out every chance of reversing the dramatic picture of possible consequences of climate change, food, environmental and geological.

We surpassed all our ability to feed, water disposal and secure housing for the future of humanity.

In the event of the Paris meeting (cop21) fail, do not get success in resolving firmly and urgently the necessary measures, immediate and effective, to reverse the current destruction of Planet Earth, we will definitely sentencing the tragic end of future generations.

We will be definitely condemned to live the last days of modern human civilization, if we are not able to take effective measures for efficient and rapid environmental protections.

Today, no more and we are sure is not already exceeded the boundaries of self-destruction, impossible to return.

Climate change, all around the Earth, are already causing untold financial losses, causing chaos and panic helpless and powerless populations in the face of dramatic climate change, geology and partial or total destruction of environments natural.

Denying climate change, and the geological, taking place across our Planet Earth, it is criminal irresponsibility humanitarian attitude against humanity.

Floods of major proportions in urban and rural slopes landslides, severe and catastrophic cold waves, overwhelming heat waves, disappearing water in regions where there was abundantly, rivers drying up suddenly, sea level rise at an alarming rate, climate anomalies and above all the most pessimistic expectations.

The largest magnitudes of earthquakes are more frequent every day, in different regions of the Earth where there were no such occurrences, clearly denouncing what is happening, invisible and unpredictable, too, geological consequences.

Modern science has revealed the size of our previous ignorance.

Today we know that the Earth is a living, organic, chemical, biological, astronomical, geothermal, integral, interconnected with geothermal connections, chemical and physical invisible, dangerously fragile.

Oceans, the courses of rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, the valleys, the slopes, deserts, all are interconnected and connected organs vitally, one influencing and depending on the other.

Likewise is the astronomical operation between galaxies, stars, planets moons: consisting of ebbs and flows of random movements of repulsion and attraction, constants, interconnected, dangerously connected and each other interdependent.

The tectonic plates, hurricanes, cold snaps and heat, the humidity, the wind speed, the rainfall, all are directly interconnected, suffering influences and directly influencing the other vital organs mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The climate determines the geological and environmental changes linked with Rotation and Translation of the earth, with the magnetism of the Moon, which interacts with our atmosphere, oceans, rivers and forests, with magnetic shielding, which also interact with all the other planets the solar system, which also interact with our Star Greater ,, a web of endless astronomical connections, invisible, invincible and imperceptible to the human eye.

Environmental and geological changes are key climate variables.

It is an endless sequence of causes and effects, more recently called the "Butterfly Effect".

Volcanic eruptions cause overwhelming earthquakes, tsunamis of biblical proportions, landslides, destruction of continents and unimaginable tectonic movements to modern man.

Earthquakes, in turn, cause the eruptions of dormant volcanoes, and when they occur in the deep oceans change all the geology and climate of the Earth.

Our Earth has always lived such titanic changes, colossal forces, transforming, rejuvenating, deadly, but there was a range of human interference, which started to occur in the modern time, a much more intense scale.

The nefarious and criminal predatory human activity has accelerated and worsened the whole process of epic transformations.

And the worst: accelerated interfered in a predatory manner against Earth, destroying irresponsibly all natural resources, and ignored the consequences, did not become aware of the criminal intensification of irresponsible acts committed against future generations.

There are strong enough colors can paint the proportions of future natural disasters that are now destroying our civilization.

What was predicted for 2050 is already happening now.

Failed, failed and resulted innocuous all previous attempts at a synchronized global action, intense and efficient, targeted specifically to reduce the disastrous impacts of global destruction of ecosystems, natural areas, environments, as a result of predatory human action, in many different economic sectors, production and trade, cultural, educational and civilizing.

The Paris meeting (COP21) is the last bullet, if we fail, there remains no other hope for survival of our species, if there is still time to do something.

Only to support global catastrophe approaching, just cite the example of what is happening in Brazil:

The consumption of water and electricity rose in stratospheric geometric indexes, as a result of population growth and the sharp rise in temperatures, meanwhile, the water disappeared in São Paulo, Rio Grande do Norte, in other different regions of the North and Northeast the country, and the rivers are drying in the Amazon region.

The Paris meeting have to use power to impose on all Earth citizens inexcusable task of defending, preserving natural resources and environments that still survive.

Important to point out and emphasize the importance of the need for huge investments in the changes of the energetic matrix, in plans for emergency assistance and actions in the face of inevitable natural disasters.

It is necessary, more than necessary, it is urgent, it is imperative, it is vital to realize and disseminate the need to help avoid or minimize the dangers that climate change poses for the present and the future of civilized humanity.

Act quickly and efficiently is urgent as climate change the cause and accelerate global warming, two of the many other factors causing, in potential, the unknown and unpredictable geological changes.

Changes in climate and global warming are directly connected with the geological changes are constant factors of the same global equation, or better yet, constant factors throughout the universe known astronomical.

Let us repeat once again, the warning that "Earth Day" repeatedly is sending to our readers: Alaska is being shaken by a series of medium and high magnitude earthquakes, breaking and further fracturing the ice sheets.

Melting glaciers increases in an unintended pace as a result of rising temperatures;

What is the connection between global warming, melting glaciers, and frequent and more intense earthquakes in that region?

All we can imagine and thousands of many others who do not even suspect.

Global warming melts the glaciers, those without the insulating ice sheet release a frightening amount of methane gas trapped in layers of exposed permafrost. Further heating the atmosphere.

More CO2e more methane in the atmosphere is equal to more intense and accelerated warming, melting more quickly the rest of the ice that still exists.

All this dynamic, little-known and intricate mechanism is poorly understood by modern science, but we know enough to say that when triggered in an uncontrolled manner, is able powerful awakening of dormant volcanoes in the Earth's geological past provoked. having just beginning in that region of the Earth, most of all extinctions been studied by modern science.

And that's exactly what's happening right now, right under our feet, without which few people are aware of this terrifying event, and what's worse, no one, no scientist, no institution has the courage to issue alerts, and take steps to avoid a catastrophe not yet experienced by our species.

And the more terrifying that no one dares to disclose and warn only the "Earth Day" is laying off constant alert worldwide: THE CLIMATE CHANGE AND CONSEQUENTIAL GLOBAL WARMING are causing invisible and unpredictable geological changes, which in turn are causing CHANGES IN THE MOVEMENTS OF ROTATION AND EARTH TRANSLATION, and vice versa, in a ripple effect.

It is clear and unquestionable, for those who know the most basic and fundamental laws of physics: "Every action causes a corresponding and proportional backlash"

All eyes of the world are focused on the practical results of the Paris meeting, COP21.

Not enough studies, speeches, theses, articles, bombastic declarations, false promises.

The Paris meeting is symbolically "last trumpet" of Revelation of John Bible.

Earth Day

Brazil, Curitiba, November 9, 2015