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terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2015

It is forbidden to dream!

It is forbidden to dream!

Dream of a better world is impossible, we agree, we are being awakened by the nightmare of daily reality and dream was prohibited.

The human stupidity prevented any possibility of dreaming of a better world.

When we hope to build and to see a better world, we are awakened by the actions and attitudes of native imbeciles that transform our dreams into nightmares.

We regress and we try to be civilized, but failed.

The number of imbeciles native is far superior to the civilized.

The imbeciles destroyed native forests.

Polluted rivers.

Rusted oceans.

Exterminated environments.

They extinguished the biodiversity.

They turned the rich and varied ecosystems in vast barren deserts, lifeless.

They ignored and mocked the catastrophic consequences to transform the natural resources in plain garbage.

Fools native turned our dreams of times past in the present tense nightmares.

Not only that enough, after destroying the Earth, and all other species, now, today, right now, are self-destructing his own species.

We are facing an unprecedented civilizational self-destruction in the anthropological history of our species.

Social self-destruction.

economic self-destruction.

Cultural self-destruction.

Environmental destruction.

Intellectual self-destruction.

Political and administrative self-destruction.

There are no forests to hunt, to fish rivers, safe places for sightseeing, food is over, the water disappeared, the air is polluted and unnavigable oceans, we decided to hunt each other.

We transform our cities into battlefields.

We throw bombs in our own children.

The scholars, thinkers, idealists, dreamers, visionaries of human well-being, the civilized human disappeared, became extinct.

The imbeciles native won the war, dominated the world, and worse, decreed that it is forbidden to dream of a better, fairer, safer, more fraternal, more idealistic, more plural, more diverse.

The native imbeciles want to turn our dream of peace on a mountain of garbage.

Invade cities, killing civilian casualties, innocent, defenseless, unprotected, and the most outrageous: drink the blood of innocents in the name of a God killer, bloodthirsty, evil, giving cowardly shots at unarmed civilians, dropping bombs, spreading fear, panic and The horror.

The imbeciles native banned dream!

Dreaming only brings nightmares!

And the clinician result of not dreaming, we all know, is the dominant madness of mankind.

For who does not dream, mad.

Man dies on leaving dreaming.

The human species died, eventually, is extinct.

We can not dream of.

The imbeciles native turned the Earth into a large hospice, inhabited by zombies forbidden to dream.

We can only global madness, total madness, apocalyptic self-destruction, that God and the devil were not able to imagine.

Earth Day
Brazil, Curitiba, November 17, 2015.