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segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2015

Of all the endangered species, help save the suffering greater danger: human. #UNICEF

Of all the endangered species, help save the suffering greater danger:  human.

We need to save the planet earth, which is sending clear signs of exhaustion, terminally ill.

We must act quickly to save what is still left of our primary forests.

We need urgent measures to save our rivers.

The oceans are dying intoxicated, who can save?

Elephants, lions, dolphins, whales, monkeys, birds, birds, large, small, wild, domestic, on every continent, in every ocean in different ecosystems, fauna, flora, all in need of urgent and effective action to preserve their various known and unknown species.

What are we doing?

We will be able to save other species, if we can not ensure the survival nor our own ?

If we are not able to act with speed and efficiency needed to save our own species, how we can save other species? 

We must save the children of the world.

Tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of children dying of hunger, thirst, abuse, victims of all the most cruel forms of physical, moral, psychological, social, economic, war, finally, the greatest of all disasters already experienced by our species.

It is in the final consummation course the massive extinction of our species, and all the others, that to survive in the future, now depend of our total annihilation, for they, themselves, without our criminal interference, can survive in harmony with Mother Nature. What we were not able to do.

Do you want to help save the Earth, our rivers, forests, different species ?

So let's start this gigantic global rescue operation of our children, and maybe we can save, too, the chicks of other endangered species.

If we fail to save our own children, how can we want to save the other species?

Earth Day fight in defense of the environment, self-sustaining activity - fought in defense of ecosystems, fauna and flora, but for these objectives to be achieved, it is necessary and urgent to fight in defense of our children -

Christmas, the end of 2015 and the beginning of a new year, 2016, approaches.

What do we do to reverse this dramatic picture of self-annihilation of our own species -

We can start this challenging rescue operation, performing a global rescue operation of our children, around the world, through UNICEF.

Knife your donation to UNICEF.

Me and you do not we can not go save children in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe plagued by endless waves of refugee children dying of hunger and thirst, lost in the crowds of bewildered immigrants fleeing hunger, violence and barbarity.

You and I can not go to the Middle East, but UNICEF can go as it is already present in all the plagued regions of the world, fighting bravely to save children, regardless of gender, color, religion, ethnicity, creed, race, or any other form of discrimination.

Let us join forces, we will hold a big, strong and powerful chain of solidarity in favor of all children of the world, of all nations, peoples, cultures.

Let's save the children of the world.

Make your donation to UNICEF.

Our challenge - do not buy fireworks to celebrate the beginning of 2016.

Let's start 2016 with new hopes, new forces united around one goal - to save the children of the planet earth, so they can save all the other species, and depend on our intelligent and rational actions.

Do not buy fireworks, do not burn fireworks to celebrate the beginning of the new year 2016 approaching.

Let's celebrate the New Year 2016, and shout so that all people listen - Happy New Year, children of the world in a revolutionary way, never been done before in the history of mankind.

Donating to the UNIFEC the money we would have spent bought fireworks.

Rather than buy fireworks, to burn at the turn of the new year, we will light and illuminate the first night of 1 January 2016, buying bread, notebooks, pencils, water, books, clothes, clothing, bedding, shoes, medicines by sending doctors, nurses, teachers, building schools, hospitals, saving abandoned children in the world.

Knife your donation on UNICEF's website.

With the money you use to buy fireworks make their donation directly to UNICEF after the reports, the confirm your donation with the UNICEF, and on the night of December 31, we will post a list with the names of all those in all over the world, who have decided to roll up our sleeves, and get this fight to save the world's children.

Let's light up the night of New Years Eve 2016, not burning fireworks, but with the bright smile of our children, and the certainty that we can save the planet earth, and all the other species, if we are able, courageous , innovative, revolutionary and challenges the Pope Francis, and sufficiently aware of the need to first save our future, they are our children.

Light this idea!

People, Countries, Nations, States, Cities, Municipalities, Enterprises, Traders, Industries, all the money, all over the planet earth, all that would be used to buy fireworks, which is intended to UNICEF.

Happy New Year, 2016!

Saving the world's children, who also will save other equally endangered specie

Dia da Terra
Brazil, Curitiba.