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sexta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2010

Global Alert: The environment is global security!

Photo: "Dia da Terra"
"Curitiba" - Brasil

The preservation of the environment, global warming, climate change, the greenhouse effect, melting of glaciers, the movement of tectonic plates, earthquakes more frequent and of greater magnitude, solar explosions and their consequences in the modern media communication and security are top priority in today's world.

Security environment is global, affecting rich and poor, socialists, communists, capitalists, Christians, Muslims, great and small world powers.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, severe storms, heavy rainfall, landslides, floods, rising sea levels, are disasters that knock down the houses of the poor, but also annihilate the world and regional economy, the government infra-structure, cause social disruption, urban chaos, and behind the disasters occur as epidemics and other health problems and health in general.

The poor of the poorest regions is that they die first, but the rich are paying the bill, funerals, food and subsequent reconstruction, in a domino effect that affects everyone in the final account.

Not to mention the issue of shelter for refugees and the spread of disease, which affects everyone.

Without a safe and preserved environment, the crops of grain and other foods are destroyed, roads and bridges are washed away.

No plans to preserve the environment, security of our great world cities are compromised.

Environmental disaster of major proportions, which are already occurring, for example, the heat on Russia threatens the security of nuclear weapons, plantations, affecting the entire economy.

Flooding in Pakistan are completely destroying that country's economy, not to mention health issues, health, infrastructure, catastrophic losses for companies and state, which had taken decades to be recovered in a region already impoverished and deprived.

The destruction of Haiti is another example.

Hurricane Katrina caused a massive destruction in the U.S., even in the case of a rich economy, the losses are immense.

Environment is at least as dangerous as nuclear war or the fall of a meteor of great proportions.

If the Earth did not agree on the need and importance of the environment, natural resources will be depleted in 50 years, dramatically affecting the future of civilized humanity.

Soon, very soon, in a maximum of 50 years, we will be without water and clean rivers, no oceans and their food, no safe areas for buildings, and modern technology of no avail in the face of such crucial issues.

The rulers of all countries, the company organized, public agencies, institutions, international organizations, schools, universities, churches, businesses, finally, all we need to warn about the urgency of caring for the environment, our home, which is the planet land.

Brazil, Curitiba, August 6, 2010 - 11h: 17