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domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

The Spell against the Wizard

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The Spell against the Wizard: The Global Economy has become a battleground unjust cruelties large promoting social, economic and political aberrations and creating chasms of inequality between rich and poor.

The globalized economy, for a long spell on the world, but the time has come that fascination turned, and turned against Warlock Spell.

Formation of monopolies and cartels is not economic entrepreneurship.

Wars and economic indices of financial transactions on stock exchanges only deepen the abyss globalized economic and socais.

Economic wars only increase the hatred, generating a single output to the defeated: terrorism economic, political and social.

The Global Economy only survived and prospered while exploring the human resources available and and Mother Nature, abused workers exploited the ignorance of economic mind, violated the labor and human rights more elementary, forming cartels and monopolies dishonest, abusive, destroying all natural resources.

But today, the natural resources are exhausted:

The rivers have dried ...

The oceans are contaminated and therefore unproductive.

Forests just ...

Natural foods are over, and the crops of agricultural products depend on oil, gas, electricity and other technologies sensitive and vulnerable to climate change.

Progress (concentration of wealth unevenly distributed) no longer a dream, becoming a terrible global nightmare.

The Economic Progress concentrated all power in the hands of large conglomerates intentions and socially unfair and dishonest practices.

The raw materials that fueled and supported the "Economic Dream" ended: Iron, Nickel, Oil, Water, Forests, Rivers, lead, coal, and many other petroleum products.

Globalization ended the economic ignorance of slave laborers, who now demand their human rights and minimum labor.

The Economic Wars do not silence the defeated.

The economic success is no longer guaranteed to personal happiness and social security.

Assembly lines denounced by Charlie Chaplin destroyed self love, patriotism, civility, increasing social inequalities.

The globalized economy, which was the basis of the progress of the guarantor modern globalized world, it became a nightmare, to destroy the dreams of freedom, equality and brotherhood among peoples.

 While there natural resources available to economic exhaustive Economy enchanted with all the promise of fulfilling a dream of riches.

But the end of natural clearly showed that there is no prospect of a secure future for humanity.

Ended the spell.

The modern economy is ruined.

The cut-throat competition and abusively greedy destroyed all the natural wealth of the Earth.

The question now, to save himself, and no more "who can earn more," but rather, "who can deliver more," in order to survive, ensuring the secure future of humanity.

The concentration of wealth has not helped improve the globalized world, but a reverse effect, created chasms economic-social-political-ideological insurmountable.

The "dream of economic prosperity" is over, there is only the possibility of successive nightmares for the next night.

The future world needs preserved forests, unpolluted rivers, oceans clean, healthy natural foods, ecosystems, biodiversity and the environment preserved.

The weapons used in predatory economic wars were not guarantors of peace, prosperity and security, will enhance only the differences, generating more hatred defeated thirsty for revenge.

The major priority needs of today's world, post globalized, there is more to increase personal wealth, concentrators and monopolized, but the urgent need to distribute wealth, eliminating social inequalities and economic abyss created by the "spell economic "sponsored by the Industrial and Technological Revolutions.

The great wealth of the world today are basically the elements vital to the preservation of life, not only human, but of all species:

Rivers, Forests, Oceans, Glaciers, Climate, Plantations food ...

The economic globalization has generated unimaginable and terrifying monstrosities:

The urgency of defending human rights violated by the economy ...

Awakened human consciousness for the need to preserve the natural resources of the Earth ...

Eliminate, or reduce, minimally, the differences between social and and economic all people ...

It turned out, with the phenomenon of globalization of information, that the world has no owner, privileged castes, exclusive rights, hereditary deities, holders of mandates untouchable ...

The Globalization of Economy also bared global hunger, global poverty, the social abandonment globalized globalized injustice, violations of human labor and globalized, the destruction of the planet globalized, cartels and monopolies globalized, globalized injustice, corruption and demagoguery globalized ...

What once was supposed to casual, occasional, hidden, secret, concealed, disguised, individual, now know to be the practice orchestrated by global economic interests centered, globally connected ...

The Globalization of the Economy, generating the globalization of information revealed and denounced globally crimes against nature, against humanity, against the future of the next generations.

Barbarisms human atrocities, bestiality, aberrations are also globalized and require swift and efficient responses also globalized.

What once thought to be exceptions, we find today that is widespread genocides in series against present and future generations of economic unprotected.

Extremely paradoxical, but the globalization of economics, Mother Globalization of Information, requires a single solution: Globalization practices fair, honest, individualized, for the benefit and protection of all forms of life and different natural environments, against predatory practices and autofágicas a species that is headed for imminent destruction.

Earth Day
Brazil, Curitiba, June 30, 2013