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sexta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2011

The death of "Freedom"

The biography of  Steven Jobs, and the repression of the movement of the "rebels" in the United States of America, the nation symbol and icon of "Freedom" in the contemporary world is the death certificate of "Freedom."

But who killed the freedom?

Freedom is the absence of submission, bondage and determination.

Freedom is independence of the human spirit.

Freedom is freedom and spontaneity.

Freedom is the voluntary human behavior.

It should be noted that philosophers like Schopenhauer and Sartre attach to the quality of freedom "to be free."

Freedom is the dream of human liberation from all shackles of society.

Freedom is a spontaneous cause, a cause is not caused by something outside, but a decision his own, despite relying on something like money or material goods, their decision makes it free.

For Descartes, it acts more freely who better understands the alternative choice. The more clearly appear as a true alternative, more easily choose this alternative.

People who do not seek information, find it more difficult to identify the many alternatives that exist as alternatives are the result of the acquisition of such information.

For Kant, to be free is to be autonomous, that is to give yourself the rules to be followed rationally.Everyone understands, but no man can explain.

In general, be free is to have the capacity to act, with the intervention of personal will, individually.

For Sartre, freedom is the ontological condition of being human. Man is first of all, "Free."

But ... who killed the freedom?

Religion killed the freedom and independence of the human spirit.

Communism killed human freedom.

Capitalism killed the wild freedom.

The process of industrialization enslaved the human spirit, killing the creative freedom of man-free.

Assassins of Liberty:

The Clock,

The Machines,

The Hypocrisy,

The demagoguery,

The futility,

The conformity,

The Consumerism,
The "State",

The King,

The Public Safety

The State Security

Public Order



Modern technology,





The Social Institutions,

The Economy

The Hunger

The Misery


The social and ethnic differences,



The Academy,


The dogmas of scientific, political, economic, social, religious, philosophical, cultural and ethnic

Technicality ..

All together, intertwined, or alone, killed the dream of freedom of the human spirit.

And the 'dream of liberty, "bravely defended by countless martyrs, became a "nightmare", and the biggest failure in the history of the evolution of the human spirit.

Brazil, Curitiba, October 14, 2011 - 09h.22