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segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2015

Climate change: the most pessimistic forecasts yesterday, they have turned the terrible reality of today. #COP21

Climate change: the most pessimistic forecasts yesterday, they have turned the terrible reality of today.

All the more pessimistic forecasts possible, as a result of catastrophic climate changes for tomorrow, are a reality today.

Unfortunately did nothing to minimize the consequences, and, contrary to what we should have done, we intensified and geometrically increased our destructive criminal actions of all natural environments.

One fact is indisputable: The stupid humans destroyed in an irresponsible and criminal way the natural environment of Planet Earth.

We all know that changes of climate and geology on the planet earth are cyclical, but all insist on ignoring that the mega changes in geological and climatic past the earth, we humans, we were not here.

But it terrifies, and is tremendously significant, in today's reality, daily and tragic consequences, planned for the future, which are already now occurring globally.

And what is worse, and that everyone ignores, are indifferent, or pretend not to believe, is that the colossal natural forces collapsed have a capacity of overwhelming destruction.

Changes of climate and geology, currently underway in all the earth, will cause unprecedented disaster, the weak, needy, sensitive and vulnerable areas of risk, economically dependent and interdependent, cities and Land urban areas, with a force, intensity and unknown outcomes.

And what did we do? Nothing, absolutely nothing, to prevent the increase in CO² emissions.

Failed and were innocuous, all UN attempts to raise awareness, mobilize and demonstrate the urgent need to act urgently and efficiently.

Personal, individualized and economic interests prevailed and won the unprotected and ignored collective interests, social, humanistic, protectors and guarantors of the future of the next generations.

We did nothing to clean up oceans and rivers.

We did nothing to protect the few endangered species, which were decimated by the multiple processes of industrialization undertaken by mankind in past centuries.

Did nothing to protect our last remaining forests and few of the devastation to which they were subjected, the irrational pursuit of wood for different industrial and commercial purposes.

No serious and effective effort has been made to change our energy supply matrix.

Criminal and irresponsibly insist, even now, in burning gases harmful to the environment.

It was not performed any serious and responsible action to prevent total melting of glaciers, the main source of regulatory stability in temperatures around the planet Earth.

Cities were built in hazardous areas of imminent danger.

The sources of drinking water were wasted and destroyed.

An astronomical amount of methane gas being released into the atmosphere, with inevitable and immediate consequences, and that we can not imagine the tragedies that will come soon on our us all.

Forest and industrial fires, traffic of motor vehicles, land, sea and air, pouring millions, billions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, for minutes daily.

Production and trade of chemicals toxic to the environment, in order to accelerate the increase of production capacity, reduce the time required for refueling and conservation of food required to feed an irrational density people on the planet.

Waterproofing of urban land unnecessary random and, for the sole purpose of personal property and financial speculation.

Unjust and criminal distribution and management of natural resources self-sustainable way, aiming only to enrich a few at the expense of an abandoned and condemned to their fate majority.

Manufacture and use of weapons of highly polluting and destructive wars of environments, fauna, flora and sensitive ecosystems and fragile, in need of special care that would ensure their preservations, but were, and are destroyed daily.

Neglect and criminal destruction of all natural living species,

Indifference and unbelief before all warnings were issued about the tragic consequences that could happen in the face of predatory action of human against Mother Nature.

All repeated warnings were ignored, appeals, warnings and forecasts.

Meetings, conferences, lectures, panels, agreements, committees, conference calls, books, magazines, sitcoms on television, studies, documentaries, short, all forms and media were used by a few dozen people aware of the danger that threatened the survival of our species on Earth, but all the effort and hours of work was in vain, no one paid the due and necessary attention, and nothing was done urgently and efficiently to avoid the worst, it will not happen, but that is already It is happening.

Environmentalists were ridiculed and discredited in their predictions and emissions of successive and urgent warnings about the need to act in defense of the environment.

 Cop21 ended, with results well below expectations all expected, regrettably, sad and melancholic.

 Despite all the facts and reported daily realities, the human species has once again been unable to demonstrate and prove the fallacy of alleged human rationality.

Begins a new year: 2016 arrived.

2014 was a terrible and catastrophic year, beating all records for natural disasters with serious and severe consequences.

2015 was significantly worse than 2014.

And in 2016, with absolute mathematical certainty, we will be victims and agents of natural disaster even more severe magnitude, based on all the scientific knowledge we know, due to the unknown and unpredictable connections between climate and geology of the Earth.

It was another failed attempt, before the failure of cop21, to produce, determine and require urgent and effective actions to essential environmental protections, guarantors of a minimum of hope for future generations, we are faced with a grim and indisputable certainty: We, the humans are not rational, are the most evil and irrational of all the species that once roamed our planet.

Unhappy in 2016!

2016 will be another tragic year.

And the worst is yet to come.

Nothing has changed, we remain firm, decided and determined to accelerate the process of global self destruction.

All insist on ignoring that hunger, thirst and lack of secure housing, have been and continue to be causative agents of several major extinctions of different species that once roamed the Earth along our geological past and climate.

Earth's Day.
Brazil, Curitiba, December 7, 2015