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domingo, 22 de fevereiro de 2015

Urgent attention: We will split the earth in half, like pounding to break a coconut

Analogy of the human species is causing Planet Earth:

In both hit the earth with human activities predatory, irresponsible and criminal, at some point we can crack and break the Earth in half, and be thrown into space, as with the astronaut in "gravity".

Planet Earth is a rare garden, perhaps the only, the infinite outer space.

We need to care for the earth with the same affection, care, attention, delicacy, which take care of a flower in the garden of our house, or even more carefully.

Considering the arid and dangerous cosmic immensity, we must take care of our planet with the same dedication that we take care of our children newborn.

The Earth is a very very fragile, and we humans so much to blows, punches, shots, throw stones, we are managing to crack the Earth in half, just like we do when we want to break a coconut to eat.

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Dia da  Terra
Brazil,  Curitiba, February 22, 2015