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terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2015

global alert: The terrible consequences of predatory human action on Planet Earth

The changes in climate and global warming, with its global consequential.

The doctrine of "National Security" central dogma of the entire state, in any country in the world, and the powerful "Economic Interests Globalized" prevent the truth about the possibilities consequences of climate change you be revealed.

Any vehicle of mass communication, agency, department, institution, scientific community, have no freedom to communicate what is really happening as a result of global warming, if not have economic and legal independence of the "State".

The responsible international scientific community is in a panic, but nothing can be said as a result of the infamous doctrine of "state security", which are subject in their respective countries.

The media in general, including all international news media are also muzzled by powerful international economic interests.

Earth Day, with doctrinal exemption, responsibility and purely scientific criteria, will piece together the "puzzle" overall, as a result of global warming, with absolute clarity, and based solely on Mechanical Laws of known physics.

It's not science fiction, delusions, dreams, fantasies, or irresponsible scaremongering, is applied science.

Our analysis tools are the laws of physics, Climate, Geology, Geophysics, Astronomy, pure Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry.

First fact:

The laws of physics teach about the effects of the expansion of the physical bodies through the intense heat of action.

The laws of physics teach also, unlike the previous law, the bodies contract as a result of intense temperatures drops.

Second fact:

The intense heat waves, alternating with intense cold waves are causing dilatation and abrupt contraction, and dimensions still unknown, in the tectonic plates, the oceans, the shell of the Earth, the winds, the ocean currents, the brains and structures molecular all living bodies of earth.

The oceans are dilating and contracting temperatures, seasonally, and abruptly, with extreme degrees of intensity in different regions of the Earth, with the possibility of unknown consequences for modern science, which does not have database references cataloged above.

All the earth's crust, is suffering the same sharp fluctuations, abrupt and extreme intensity of contraction and dilation physical and mechanical as a result of alternations of severe cold waves over a period of time, and contrary consequences when soon after they are submitted the hot flashes.

Third fact:

Contraction and expansion, alternating, in short time, with high intensities, may be causing fractures, cracks, craters, landslides, finally, invisible geological changes in the depths of the oceans, the mountains, valleys, rivers, with unpredictable consequences for ecosystems , biodiversity and means known environment.

fourth fact::

The wind currents are altered, modified, inverted and potentiated the face of such changes.

Also ocean currents, sea, shallow and deep.

Lakes and rivers are disappearing.

Where are you going all the fresh water on the planet earth?

Entering through the cracks, fissures, arising abyssal trenches on changes in the Earth's crust?

Boiling in the magma surface and causing more and more strong, violent storms?

If the fresh water and oceans, is penetrating by geological newly created fissures in the Earth's mantle, is boiling and vaporizing in the atmosphere, there may be a cause of snowstorms so intense, violent snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even extreme drought as is already happening in São Paulo, Brazil.

Fifth fact:

The laws of physics known of "Cause and Effect", or the "every action causes a reaction," the consequences of such geophysical changes in the movements of rotation and translation of Planet Earth?

Sixth fact:

The scientifically likely possibilities, in the face of so many changes of climate, geology, physical, chemical, biological and even before the accelerated and intense global warming may well be causing a chain reaction throughout the geophysical structure of the Earth, allowing the arisings of natural disasters has not seen by modern civilization, completely unprepared to survive in extremes.

Seventh fact:

Despite all our technological equipment and modern means of communication available, there is, for the reasons mentioned above, a silence and apparent indifference of the ruling minority, which enhances even more catastrophic consequences possible, before this change framework does not adequately studied.

Finally, in all recorded human history, there are no records of scientifically possible chance of being faced with natural disaster events of colossal magnitude, for which we are unprepared to face them, compromising the real possibilities survival of living species on the planet earth.

Glaciers are melting with a frightening speed and intensity, not foreseen by the most pessimistic and alarmist scientists.

Earth axis is shifting its geophysical positioning, along with a reversal of the magnetic poles can be changes in the rotation and positioning the core of our planet.

The position of the movements of glaciers melting in the Arctic, penetrating deep into the North American continent, the lack of water in some planetary regions, causing further erosion of the land, and preventing natural lubrication of tectonic plates, causing the emergence of new unknown geological settings for our species.

The film that put above is a simple analogy of what can scientifically be happening to the Earth, before the criminal but efficient predatory human action, which insists on destroying the natural environment, that our "Mother Nature" spent four billion and half years to build.

If you share with us the same concerns, help spread this global alert.

Earth Day
February 17, 2015
Brazil, Curitiba, 1:02 pm