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terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

Brazil, Carnival 2017! - "How many laughs, how much joy, More thousand a "Clowns" in the room" ...

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Brazil, Carnival 2017!

Faced with an unprecedented financial crisis throughout the history of Brazil;

In the face of an unprecedented public security crisis;

Faced with the urban violence that plagues Brazil;

In the face of allegations of corruption at the highest scales of the public administration, involving the three Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of the Brazilian Republic;

In the face of yellow fever, malaria epidemics, Zika and Shicunguia viruses;

Faced with the collapse of the tax burden and the criminal interest rates of the world that Brazilian citizens pay the corrupt government;

Faced with the highest unemployment rates;

Finding the joy, the enthusiasm, the euphoria in the carnival of 2017 reminds us of a passage from a carnival letter:

"How many laughs, how much joy, More thousand  "Clowns" in the room" ...

Earth's Day
Brazil, Curitiba, February 28, 2017