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segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2015

#A320Crash Stop PUBLICATION photo of this terrorist, cold killer...

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 Stop PUBLICATION photo of this terrorist, cold killer who shattered the lives of hundreds of family members killed by this monster

Everything is wrong with this damn story.

The doctors who know their killer instinct not denounced the company?

Your parents, friends, co-workers, hierarchical superiors, everyone knew he was a pilot and no one did anything?

He was not suicidal, was killer.

Killed 147 innocent people.

Not deserve appear in any photos.

All who are now talking about the mental state of that psychopath are also complicit in this monstrous murder because they could have talked before, avoiding this senseless tragedy, but cowardly sienciaram ....

All who claim now that they knew of the cold killer criminal purposes but not reported to german wings, are accomplices of this monstrous crime against dozens of human lives ...