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domingo, 27 de maio de 2012

"Tower of Babel Planet"



Japan - They built a new "Tower of Babel", for the enjoyment of a kind eternally insane.

They built a new "Tower of Babel", but lied and deceived his own people about the tragic reality of "Fukushima".

Continue to hide the truth about the future of the next geologic Atlantis ...

Brazil - A slave people of modern monetary slave quarters, and poor living utopias: Carnival, sex, rampant drug use among young people, new football stadium for a mediocre unbearable urban violence, corruption in the highest spheres of the "Government" , playing in the pocket of thieves, with "Privileged Forum," all financial resources, a rich country, and collecting the highest tax burden of Planet Earth.

Syria - Genocide explicit before the international community silently complicit, replaying the events of the Nazi concentration camps.

A new Hitler orders to kill civilians outraged at a government Machiavellian, who stars in a new "Holocaust" Hitler, the civilian population.

Afghanistan - Genocide generalized consequence of an international terrorist network that implemented the "Reign of Terror," in all regions of the world. "

Pakistan - Genocide widespread terror.

India - Genocide of a hungry people, with the diversion of public money for nuclear weapons.

Bangladesh - Genocide of a miserable people, while public money is directed to nuclear weapons.

Colombia - Genocide of people who still try to fight drug trafficking cartels that dominated the country

Mexico - similar to the situation in Colombia, but even worse, with genocide in public squares, even with death and decapitation of corpses.

Greece - decay and corruption with public funds, causing financial disaster the original birthplace of Western culture.

North Korea - people poor and miserable, dependent on international humanitarian aid but who use their resources to produce nuclear weapons.

Iran - people poor and miserable, living in tents in a barren desert, but that uses petroleum resources for the production of nuclear weapons, whose main purpose and destroy Israel.

Israel - Genocide of Arab populations on the grounds of self-defense itself.

Arab Terrorists - A network of wild beasts that use loads of dynamite in the waists of women and children, to practice genocide against Israeli women and children defenseless.

UN - Search fruitless to deploy only one language among the insane patrons and users of the "Tower of Babel Planet" ...

Finland - Genocide committed by snipers ...

Norway - a cultural genocide practiced by supposedly healthy ..

Russia - Corruption and construction of anti-nuclear shield against nuclear missiles of the "North American Vampires", who think they do great bloodshed and international human ...

Germany, France, England, Spain, Portugal, new victims in line for financial decadence decadent Europe, the victim of their own crimes of a predatory imperialist past.

Construction of a new "Tower of Babel" in space inhospitable, barren and uninhabitable, (ISS), while destroyed, here on earth, forests, rivers, biodiversity, ecosystems, polluted oceans, and we remain indifferent to the mass extinctions of other species.

We spend millions of dollars in building soccer stadiums for World Cup fans whose patrons use the guise of competition that sports should be, to fight and kill the rival fans, while remaining hospitals, schools, universities, sanitation, decent wages , effective public policy, food, medicine and housing for the hungry people.

The list is endless.

You, dear reader, can contribute, including other examples of this brief summary of the "Tower of Babel" ...

Earth Day
27 MAY 2012 - 11H: 41