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sábado, 13 de julho de 2013

Good morning, President Barack Obama!

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Good morning , President Barack Obama!

Considering that I am being spied on by intelligence services Americans...

Whereas'm spying by the intelligence services of the CIA, FBI, and others take the opportunity to present respectfully request the Honorable President of the nation's most powerful World

That the United States lead a global campaign in defense of the Environment, since due to climate change, with devastating global consequences, is an urgent global action, led by the United States, to prevent the loss of millions of human lives in natural disasters that will happen soon, because climate change is directly related to geological changes, slow, silent and hidden, but ongoing irreversible, which tragically affects millions of people worldwide.

President Obama, exercising its power of personal influence, and resources of the intelligence departments of the United States to influence and lead a global campaign in defense of the environment.

Enjoy your last political mandate as president and make history!

Certain that his aides intelligence agencies will get their hands on this order, know of my personal admiration for your Excellency, to whom I greatly admire.

Earth Day
Brazil, June 13, 2013