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domingo, 24 de março de 2013

Mankind: Vital Signs

Every living body emits in nature, and can be checked his vital signs.

In the Units and Intensive Care Units Invasive, the most renowned hospitals, there are specific devices that check the vital signs of critically ill patients, with the risk of losing their lives.

As the degree of danger, medical experts determine the procedures of urgency.

Vital signs are those that indicate the existence of life. Are reflections or evidence to support the conclusion about the general state of a person.

The signals on the functioning of the human body that must be understood and known are:

· Temperature,
· Pulse
· Breathing,
· Blood pressure.

Vital signs are signs that can be easily perceived by deducting up so that in their absence, there are changes in vital body functions.

The measurement and evaluation of blood pressure are excellent sources indicate vitality of the human body.

The Human Species is also a living body globally, which sends vital signs determinants of mental health, social, economic, political, psychological, emotional, and other relevant aspects, according to the manuals of Sociology and Social Psychology.

Under any standard of scientific analysis, emotional, psychological, economic, spiritual, familial, political, urban, food, health, finally, from all angles of analysis, the human species emits strong evidence of evolutionary weakness of vital signs.

The major urban centers, heaps of real beings self-flagellants and disoriented, disorganized, abandoned, exploited, neglected, represent a strong and unequivocal signal of the weakness of human society.

We lost the trail evolutionary psychological, and looked at the most superficial examination of global daily news, that the human species is seriously ill, debilitated, a degree of psychic exhaustion-organic unprecedented.

International terrorism, urban terrorism through traffic, family conflicts, disagreements condominium, labor relations, wars between Capital and Labor, financial theft, poor quality of life, job insecurity, human rights violations, eternal and insoluble relations between international disputes nations, genocide, ethnic and religious, ideological and religious conflicts dangerous arms races, destruction of the environment, natural resources, total annihilation of ecosystems and biodiversity essential for human survival.

Indifference to the depletion of natural resources: water, food, housing, education, health, public safety, health care, endemic diseases and viral pandemics.

What to say about the dangers exogenous: Asteroids, comets, solar flares, eruptions, climate change and geological natural?

Indispensable highlight the widespread indifference in the face of extremely serious situation that affects the mental health of the human species, which insists invest, consume health, financial resources and invaluable time in frivolity and superficiality reckless and self-destructive, individually and socially.

At any Academic of Social Sciences inattentive, does not escape the perception that we are sick.

It is for scholars and thinkers investigate the main causes.

But do not just studying and researching, analyzing and reporting or computational models, it is urgent to act with effective preventive measures to avoid the worst: the collapse organic-social-economic-political of our species.

Earth Day
Rui Santos de Souza
Brazil, Curitiba, March 24, 3013