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terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2012

The drug is unpalatable ...


Environmental Conservation: The drug is unpalatable ...

The geological and climate changes are happening in frequency and intensity scale of scary, which will cause environmental disasters with millions of fatalities, global economic collapse, bankruptcy's ability to provide aid, very soon, just wait and see .. .

It is urgent to control population growth on Planet Earth.

It is impossible to provide water, food, home, safety, health and education, to 7 billion human beings.

At the current pace of population growth, any isolated action of environmental preservation is inefficient.

Speaking in "Save the Earth" is demagoguery, or bad faith.

The Earth does not need to be saved, and can not be saved.It is wise to warn of the urgent need for "Save the Future of Humanity".

The Earth will remain what it always was, through all the steps recorded in its past cyclical geological and climate, and human interference can not change the cycles, only interfere in that accelerates the process of irreversible changes.

The key issue is that during periods of climate and geological changes earlier, there was no overpopulation.

Isolated actions are inefizazes, we must act globally, with force, with the participation of everyone, without which no single action has no effect.

If isolated actions to save mankind, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, or Socrates, would have succeeded.

What are the unpalatable medicine that can save mankind?

Change the economic model of consumerism.

The garbage disposable consumerism committed to global environmental security.

The process predator of the global economy, green, brown, blue, or yellow, will always be exploitation of the weak, who are the majority.

It's a real inability to save the "Economy" and at the same time, "Save the Human Species.

"The current model of "Global Economy", is directed solely to save "Financial Institutions", this is the greatest challenge of mankind.

Establish green corridors inviolable: Oceans and Forests.

Internationalisation of the oceans and forests.

Ending speculation, which does not respect the boundaries of global environmental security.

Ending the wars that consume all the wealth produced by man, wasting resources that could be directed to health, the environment, education, security, scientific research, construction of safe housing, health and sanitation.

Rooting out corruption, which after the wars, is the second biggest waste of public money.

Fair distribution of natural resources so that all people could enjoy welfare, health, environmental and food safety.

End the exploitation of fossil fuel sources.

Ending Machiavellian mechanism "Right to Veto," the UN Security Council, which makes effective global consensus actions of a simple majority of votes.

Center on UN special powers to act in defense of global environmental security.Ending oil exploration in the Oceans.

Prohibit overfishing commercial purposes.

Clean up the rivers.

Preserving the environment that still exists.Save the biodiversity that still dying.Invest in safety equipment quickly and efficiently, to the millions of victims of the next big environmental disasters ...

Prohibition on marketing of financial water.

Stop talking, discussing, thinking, analyzing, studying, and leave for immediate action.

But everything indicates that these drugs, no one wants to use ...

The success of the Rio+20 relies solely on the ability of participants to adopt the right remedy, it is useless "Gild the pill," or worse, making environmental marketing dodgy.

Earth Day
Brazil, Curitiba, June 12, 2012 - 12h: 53