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segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Climate Refugees (2010-2020)

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First, the scientists argue, and disagree among themselves, without coming to any conclusion.

After scientists lead the inconclusive reports to the Mayor, which calls the Chief of Police. Are in doubt, and speak with the Governor.

The Governor convenes the Secretariat and, not knowing what action to take, talk with the President.

The President calls the generals, who also disagreed among themselves, and call them scientists, and confusion is made: "should or should not warn the public??

When you decide to evacuate areas at risk, it is too late!

Have you seen this movie before?

Well, we are witnessing once again, in relation to climate change and geological Earth.

In all previous events had a mad scientist who would put his mouth on trombone and warned the public of imminent dangers.

Now have a crazy trying to warn!!

If nothing is done urgently to minimize the catastrophic consequences of climate change, the decade 2010-2020, will go down in history as the "Decade of climate refugees."

The UN is discussing, through the "Climate Panel, the findings were conclusive scientific or not. If scientists were influenced or not, in their reports.

The discussion of the "UN Panel," academic and scientific, on whether it is happening or not a change in climate and geology on Planet Earth, is reminiscent of the "Jacobins": discussing "sex of angels", while crowds were going to hell without the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus.

While scientists argue, millions of human beings, victims die from the consequences of climate change.

While scientists argue the biodiversity are being annihilated by the fire of fires.

While scientists argue, the "Climate Panel" of the UN, thousands of people, biodiversity and ecosystems are being destroyed.

I do not need scientific reports, just look at the thermometer I have at home, look at the vegetation, check the water levels in rivers and see the invasion of the sea on the coasts.

All of us older ones, have their own memory of the climate over the past 50 years, and know that the Earth is warming, whatever the cause.

Satellites that shoot the melting glaciers are lying?

All thermometers Earth are broken?

A quick look at the history of mankind, is sufficient to note that never at any time in any situation, public authorities fall under its secrets.

Clearly global warming is occurring discuss whether or not insanity. We do need to discuss preventive measures.

Continuing the current pace of environmental tragedies, predictable but not preventable efficiently, and with the strong possibility of further increase, go down in history as the "Decade of climate refugees."

Earthquake refugees from Haiti, and more intense still happen in this decade, with strong potential to destroy large cities;

Refugees from the heat wave in Russia, and others that still occur in other regions;

Refugees from "orbital trash" that threatens to fall on the Earth, as a result of reduced layers of the atmosphere;

Refugees of "solid waste" without proper disposal, lack of effective public policies;

Refugees oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and other spills that are happening elsewhere, and others that still happen;

Refugees flood in Pakistan and others that surely will happen in Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and northeastern Brazil;

Refugees flood in China, and others that occur in this decade, Asia and Europe;

Refugees flood in Korea;

Refugees of the fires in Portugal;

Refugees of fires in Brazil;

Refugees from other fires that certainly does happen in Australia and California, and other vulnerable regions of the Earth;

Refugee victims of raising the level of the oceans in all the coasts of Planet Earth;

Refugees in the low humidity of the air;

Refugees from the lack of potable water;

Refugees by lack of food due to breakdown of crop yields;

Refugees of diseases and epidemics from flooding;

Refugees from El Nino that approximates intensity has not previously registered;

Refugees of landslides from the slopes in different regions of the earth;

More intense hurricanes of refugees, who are approaching and will hit record;

Refugees from unknown particles emitted by the Sun;

Refugees of the changes caused by decreasing the size of the Moon, as yet unknown consequences;

Refugees in the decrease in the layers of the atmosphere of Planet Earth, as a result of solar activity atypical and unpredictable;

Refugees from increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere;

Refugees from the melting of polar ice;

Refugees of the economies, will collapse, given the inability to fill all the tragedies that occur simultaneously in various parts of the world;

Refugees from our indifference to climate change.

And when we talk about refugees, we're not just thinking in humans, we must remember the animals, forests, and finally, in all biodiversity and ecosystems will be affected.

Brazil, Curitiba, August 30, 2010 - 09h: 04